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    Resistor help

    The GM wiring harness manual indicates that a 5000 ohm- 1/4 watt resistor is needed for the RPM signal. What I've done is soldered a 4700, followed by three 100's. The four soldered together makes for a rather long chain. Is there a better way to do this, and how should I go about protecting...
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    Back to the QR discussion

    So as not to muck up Ken's build blog, I thought it best to start a new thread. I received my Pfadt adapter today, and was really expecting something larger than what it is. It's really quite tiny! I was holding off on buying the actual QR mechanism because I wanted to see just how close this...
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    Inner door pulls?

    Just wondering what everyone is using for inner door pulls? I'm looking for something that is production, not home fabricated.
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    Looking for wire covering

    I've been on the hunt for NYLON corrugated split loom wire cover (gray stripe), but haven't found a place that will sell short lengths. Most places, like Waytek, have a minimum purchase of 100'. I even went to the junk yard today, but was told "Yea, that's not something I would be interested in...
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    Help me find a mystery part

    Ladies and gentlemen, I've been looking for the part in the photo, but am coming up empty handed. It would be used to isolate my radiator from the chassis. It's like a rubber grommet with two metal bushings (inserted in each side of the grommet) and a threaded screw through it. They may be...
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    Fuel sender unit?

    I searched the forum for information regarding fuel sender units for the Koso gauges, but came up empty handed. I see that the Koso has a range of 100 ohms, and 510 ohms. Albeit more pricy, is there any reason this unit wouldn't work? RA9511-ISS - ISSPRO Inc. I've measured the tank depth to...
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    Hydraulic lift question

    I'm working on installing my hydraulic front end lift kit, but have some questions. My original plan was to mount the rams on the top of the shock, which should make bleeding easier. However, when I do this the upper area of the ram does not seat completely to the cap. The cap has a beveled...
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    Levitating bodywork

    Working in smaller spaces is sometimes quite challenging, thus I needed to figure out where to store my center spider. My only idea was to hang it from the garage door rails. The garage door is a single-wide that is steel inside and out with insulation. So, I guestimate that it weighs more...
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    Name that part

    Yes, I am ignorant.:shy: Now that that is out of the way, I'm looking for some elementary information in the form of "What is this part called?". I appreciate the forum entertaining my benighted questions. Your answers will help me to refrain from making references such as "The upper...
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    A few photos of my car

    Last month I went to RCR to see my car for the first time. Just thought I would share some photos. I'm still amazed at the cartoon sized width of the rear tires. Makes the tires on my Land Rover seem like something from a tricycle.
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    '01 Car at Summit Point?

    Anyone know how the '01 crew did at Summit Point today? I tried searching for lap times/finishes, but came up empty handed.
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    SL-C Owners Map

    I thought it might be neat to see where all of the SL-C's have ended up at. So, I started a Google world map that shows the location of owners. If you are interested in adding your location (or approximate location) to the map, just shoot me a PM with your email addy. I'll send you an invite...
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    Shifter thread pitch?

    I've got a aluminum shift knob that I'm interested in using, and it is available in M10x1.5, M12x1.5, and M12x1.25. Can anyone tell me what the thread pitch is for the shift shaft of the SL-C? Cheers
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    Help converting VOB files to mpeg

    I've taped the Stacy David's GearZ episodes in which they are building the SL-C. My problem is that the DVR is recording in VOB format. Can anyone suggest a safe and free video convertor source? Cheers
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    Getting her home. Transport recommendations

    My SLC should be ready for transport from RCR soon, and I'm looking for transportation company suggestions. I had used Gran Turismo Motor Sports | Enclosed Auto Transport to get my Lotus home from California, and they did a good job. However, it was quite expensive. Thanks for the...
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    Coolant expansion tank question

    I see that several people are using the round Moroso expansion tank. There are 4 different sizes, so I'm wondering which one to get? Thanks much! Search Results for Moroso Cooling System Expansion Tanks -
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    Looking for photos of the mule

    As luck would have it, the orange SLC mule was sold just prior to my visit at RCR. I'm wondering if someone might be willing to send me photos. The more detailed the photos are, the better. :thumbsup: Cheers
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    Gobble Gobble!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Turkey is in the oven and should be ready in 40 minutes! BTW, I ate an entire pumpkin pie for breakfast:D
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    Tires.....Where in the devil?

    I've been on the hunt for tires, and am having a hard time sourcing the proper sizes from a single vendor (Upgraded wheels). Just wondering who people are using? Sizes I'm looking for: 295/35/18 345/30/18 or 335/30/18 I'm open to different tire size suggestions. I had the Toyo Proxes r888's...
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    Swirl pot suggestions?

    I've searched the net, but haven't come up with much of a selection of fuel swirl pots. Any suggestions would be appreciated.