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    Interest in 360 Camera with 7" display as an SLC Group Purchase?

    Hi all My garage door is going to be pretty narrow so I am thinking of installing a 360 camera that would provide "always on" (if desired) capability that would enable me to see around the entire car. I also want the Rear View / Reverse functionality with the gridlines. These 360 systems...
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    Anti-Lock Breaks System

    A few questions regarding ABS to you all - To those driving an SLC - I am curious if you feel like you need ABS braking? I am an aggressive driver and haven't had a non-ABS car in 2 decades. Should I be putting ABS into my SLC to avoid locking up the brakes in hard breaking? For those of you...
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    "extra unlisted options" (That you didn't know existed :)

    :) - Hi All I am having Fran do a full turnkey build. I am realizing that although I scrubbed thru the option list to ensure I selected the available options... as I research more on this forum and watch some of the build videos on Youtube, I am finding a lot of other hidden options that...