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    "Parrot Beak" rear clip brackets

    I had some extra sets made when I went to the machinist to make aluminum copies for my cars. These are cnc copies of an original. I am selling them for $200 a set to cover material and programming costs. I will ship them free anywhere in CONUS for that price. Anywhere outside of that the...
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    For the political pundits.........

    Anyone seen the new movie "2016", or care to comment? (sorry if I am playing a little "lonesome BOB", but I do enjoy the mostly friendly banter of political views you all share) I will check back in after watching it this week, Scott
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    Double adjustable front coil-over settings....

    Anyone have any starting street settings for the QA1 double adjustables on the front of an RCR40? Thanks in advance, Scott
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    Rear hub bearings?

    Does anyone know if the rear hub bearngs on the RCR gt40s are c4/ or c/5? I have to replace one, and need info. Thanks, Scott
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    Tank switching valve....

    Can anyone reccomend a bullet-proof electric-valve to use when switching from one tank to the other? (I am running a carb) Can't seem to find anything in jegs or summit. Thanks, Scott
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    Hello to all.....

    I recently bought Simon Winter's (gt40guy) KVA MK1 project. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions as the progress continues. Thanks in advance for any advice and help, Scott