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    Superlite Aero

    Thanks for sharing the vid John, a real treat to finally see an Aero out in the wild ! 'Enjoyed' your spin in Sunset, I did a similar thing on my then brand new first-time-on-track GSXR1000 superbike. In my case it was a to-the-stops slide save rather than a perfect 360. Love the use of Mazda...
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    CamT's build thread

    Although Orange has been a favorite of mine forever I still prefer the Yellow on your car. CHANGE IT BACK !. Funny that there us an option to make the Selfie Stick invisible in the 360 software apparently there's no way to make it's shadow invisible! I'm thinking a gloss clear coat would show...
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    S2's Build Thread

    Scott, what is the chart included with the various racing series supposed to indicate?
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    S2's Build Thread

    I have missed some of the more recent posts, now caught up. My DSS 33 spline stub splines did not warrant a spacer although they did have the thread depth variation shown in the one photo here. The DSS said they would send spacers to make up for the variation and that it was a common cure for...
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    On the camera mount- Make sure its high enough to see over the rear wing (if you use one) if not, it might be better to locate it in the rear panel as high up as you can place it. I made that mistake and the only thing I could see was the wing when looking through the cam.
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    I have tried the BP-20s and the A compound on the street. The 20s are way more powerful (awesome actually) than the As at high temperatures in my experience, regardless of what the chart says. Unfortunately, the 20s do not work cold, for street use it takes way too much leg to get them to stop...
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    Eddie Van Halen

    That opening rift is iconic, I could play listen to that over and over.....
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    Road trip

    Fantastic cars, roads, scenery and photos. Wow what an excellent trip, thanks for making the effort to share with all of us. I for one would have driven my car out in the torrentials on purpose.....if only it would rain in California (we, as a state, have been on FIRE for a few months).
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    Waiting here patiently with Bose headphones clamped on my skull waiting for the audio file........:p
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    Homemade CFRP mid engine sports car

    Thanks for the description, that is one involved process! How many hours will you have in each piece? Step One - Open a Keg. Appreciate all the work that went into these, with your basics I may try this myself.
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    Converting a GT40 into a Dino 206SP

    Just came across this build, spectacular. I for one hope that Axle has someone pull molds off of his body, I'd buy one, since the 206 is easily one of the best looking Ferraris ever made. Easily better looking than the P4..... I wait for lightening to strike me :rolleyes:
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    Homemade CFRP mid engine sports car

    Spectacular CF suspension pieces, at least to the unfamiliar. It would be very interesting to see some detail in process shots of how these were created. Way Cool.
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    Nothing like 'bad gas' to ruin your day.:mad:
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    Development videos

    Ohhh that's fun! Congrats on getting out there and breaking stuff, gotta find the weak points you know. Are you on C4 bearings and stubs? Making big power you may want to consider upgrading. Sounds good, will be looking forward to the on track sounds.
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    Seattle Active Power GT40 - A Father/Son build

    When you get that thing to Laguna give a shout, I'd come hang out. Never heard of it but that Packwood place is just a little more scenic than the former NASA airbase that serves around here.
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    Any RCR40s in California, So. OR or East NV? Or any RCR cars in that area?

    Are you saying you have two different models of RCR product and a CAV? BTW there are 3 SLCs in Northern California, one for sale, one coming up for sale. One not for sale. No GT40s in the bay area that I'm aware of.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Surprisingly enough I've seen that rear spoiler modification on another SLC. Does it have a purpose, or simply for looks?
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    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    Chris, Nice work, congrats. What tires are on it? How much HP does it make?
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    CamT's build thread

    Cold cracking, wheel weights, wheel removal. I literally just resolved an impossible to diagnose vibration on my Audi. The wheels where balanced a number of times without any improvement. The thought evolved to there was some internal belt damage, replacing two tires seems to have finally...
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    Frank, How bout some pictures of the engine compartment with all this cooling PITA plumbing? Don't get to see the Yoter in an SLC ... much.