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  1. DC-MXV

    RCR 40 Suspension components

    HI, Does anyone have the specs and part numbers for the following RCR40 suspension components: Front Upper control arm ball joint (mine have 4098 on ball joint case) Rear lower control arm inner rod end (heim joint) I had a search around the site but was unable to find any definitive...
  2. DC-MXV

    Ford GT at WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone

    The following are a few pictures from last weekends 6 Hours of Silverstone that may be of interest. The weekend had several firsts for me. FP3 on Saturday Red flagged due to snow, the last car that ventured out for a slow lap as it was starting was appropriately enough one of the Audi e-tron...
  3. DC-MXV

    RCR Mk11 - 0038

    After completion of my car in June 2012 this winter has seen the first major overhaul take place and I thought it would be worth sharing some pictures whilst everything is apart. The key driver for the work was worsening high crankcase pressure in the engine throughout 2015 and the fact that...
  4. DC-MXV

    Bath Festival of Motoring 20th/21st June

    The Bath Festival of Motoring ( The Bath Festival of Motoring) is taking place on Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st. Several members of the club South West group will be attending and a club area has been booked with the organisers. If anyone fancies a trip down to Bath on one or...
  5. DC-MXV

    Bristol Classic Car Show Club Stand

    The club has a stand at the Bristol Classic Car Show this weekend at the Shepton Mallet Showground. Stand is S3 and has 2 cars on the stand Chris Champion's Tornado and my RCR Mk11. If anyone is at the show please pop by and say hello as there will be various club members on the stand...
  6. DC-MXV

    Agreed Value Validation

    I have just swapped the insurance for my car to Classicline. They require the agreed value to be validated by an appropriate club official or independent valuer. Can anyone let me know who the best person is to contact to progress this? Thanks Dave
  7. DC-MXV

    RCR40 Air Con

    I have been asked how much refrigerant it takes to fill a typical RCR40 aircon setup. Does anyone have any information on the volume used on their car? Thanks in advance Dave
  8. DC-MXV

    Brands Hatch Masters 30/05

    Just got round to sorting through my pictures from the Sunday at the recent Brands Hatch Masters event. The 4 GT40s entered where qualifying on that day. The following are a few pictures that may be of interest. Dave
  9. DC-MXV

    GT40 Book - Trevor Legate

    Came across the following information about what looks like a new Trevor Legate book. Info gives different publishing dates of Autumn 2010 or 2011. Does anyone know anything about this?
  10. DC-MXV

    Spa Six Hours 2009

    At long last I have managed to sort through some of the pictures I took at the recent Spa Six Hours and thought that the following selection may be of interest to people on here. Mostly they are of original cars but I have also included some pictures of Gelscoe001 which was entered in the...
  11. DC-MXV

    UK SVA - Engine Build Date Validation Proof

    I am just in the process of sorting out all the paperwork I will need when I present my car for SVA and subsequent registration. I would be interested to hear what recent experience people have had as to what has been accepted as reasonable proof of the engine block age by the VOSA inspectors...
  12. DC-MXV

    Hampshire Pageant of Motoring 26/27-8

    Hi, Is anyone planning to attend the Hampshire Pageant at Broadlands next Sunday and/or Monday? I am planning to attend with my RX-7 on one of the days and was wondering if there is any planned attendance from club members as has been the case over the last couple of years. If anyone...
  13. DC-MXV

    1015 Le Mans 1966 Information

    I am currently doing some research on the spec of 1015 when it raced at Le Mans in 1966 (#1). Specifically at present I am trying to pin down the correct paint colours. I understand that the fleet of GT40s were painted in colours from the Mustang range at this event and wondered if anyone can...