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    Improving the SLC gas tank

    I stole Howard's design as inspiration :)
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    Improving the SLC gas tank

    I kept it simple and added a "baffled" sump, a -12 pickup, all top-mount AN fittings/sender, no crazy threaded fill elbow and enlarged the crossthrough tube to about 5x the original size (I don't like things touching the gas tank). No problems in over a decade...
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    water temp - sounds like the system isn't fully bled yet throttle pedal - have you lengthened the wiring harness? if so that could trigger it. Alternatively it could be a problem with the harness itself - I got a gmpp harness where the throttle pedal would randomly stop working. I returned...
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    How to fill and drain a 930 transaxle?

    6 years later it's time to drain and refill .... on a non-inverted 930 (i.e., normal orientation), the drain plug is the hex plug located on the very bottom of the transmission, correct? Just want to make sure as I've never drained it before and I've read if you remove the wrong bolts then...
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    SLC body part rack

    I would be very surprised that it would take a new shape unless it sat there for like a decade. When I was replacing my slc's engine I had the rear clip just sitting on the floor for 7 months. When I put it back on all my quick release pin holes and tolerances lined up exactly (which have to...
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    Toe String Alignment Ref Points

    buy some Longacre toe plates and do it the easy way ...easy peasy
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    917 rcr

    they're mounted off the transaxle and chassis (with rubber isolators) .... everything's solid mounted so there shouldn't be any flex .... nothing's broken in 5 years so it must be okay no cooling issues - the fans almost never come on (i forget if they come on at 190* or 200*, but regardless it...
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    Paint and Body Work on RCR Cars...

    I agree w/ the $15-25k number I made the mistake with my cobra and went with a low bid initially Then I had to re-paint it, which took almost a year because of all the issues caused by the first body guy.
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    SLC - For Sale

    very fast - hopefully you got at/near your asking price.
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    917 wheel spacers... Wheels studs

    I had some concerns about the centerlock nut engagement - when torqued the face of the nut is more-or-less flush with the end of spindle, not like other designs I've seen where the spindle sticks out and is locked w/ a cotter pin - but it's been fine for 4 years and I havn't found any thread...
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    917 rcr

    My friend took a video of it startup/idle a while back ... don't have any driving videos, but it's loud. The titanium adds a different ring to the exhaust note.
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    Wreaked and Burned SLC

    sad way to go :(
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    New Transaxle Option

    Everybody who builds a transaxle, like Griffin, seems to always have 1 unit and that's all that ever makes it to the light of day.
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    Lubricating Control Arm Rod Ends

    you don't need anything - my rod ends on my sl-c have been fine since ~2010, same on my cobra (~2006), installed them just as is. but if your safety washers are aluminum make sure you anti-seize the hell out of them, otherwise they'll probably seize on to the bolt when you torque it (then you...
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    CamT's build thread

    some balljoints need to be cut, some don't, depends on the manufacturer - different ones have different over-hang.
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    So disappointed

    Wonder how easy it is to cut out the back section and weld in a new one? Guess we'll find out.
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    How to vent LS3?

    No - somehow after 5 years of no problems my tune went "bad" and basically started pouring fuel at idle, which was then washing the cylinder walls and causing the smoke. How a tune works fine for 5yrs and then goes bad I dunno; if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it. But the catch...
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    I've seen (or at least I think I've seen) several cars with a very wide center spline. Not sure why either.
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    Dan's Build

    GM keeps changing part numbers on the engine controller and crate engines - the last one I bought was superceded above the prior one - not sure why the effort on their part to do it Hope it works out; I know how painful it is to chase gremlins and hope like hell the solution of replace...
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    CPW (Current Performance Wiring) made mine. It was nicely done, although when tuning it with the Holley dominator it did have some trouble registering it. I've never been convinced it's a good idea to extend the wiring - unless you stuck the fuse box at the very rear of the car, there should...