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    mk2a rear scoops

    It dumps air down onto top of diff.
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    Clutch disk needed! 1" 23 spline in a 9" or 230mm for the GTD/UN1 combo

    I have left over part, but not positive of its details. Call manufacturer and it might be what you need.
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    Mkii Three hole panel??

    Hey could be. The main rear harness runs down that side then terminates on the right at the right hand tail lights and/or lights near that side clamp
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    Mkii Three hole panel??

    I've made my own and wondering.
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    Mkii Three hole panel??

    What is the purpose of the panel with three dimpled holes? It's between the left storage box and inner fender panel. Thanks all
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    RCR GT40 Mkii Rear Inner Wheelwell Panels.

    There are 2. Precut mirror image of each other.
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    RCR GT40 Mkii Rear Inner Wheelwell Panels.

    Hi Not finding any instructions on how to bond the aluminum panels into the the rear clamshell that are the inner Wheelwell splash panels. Kit came with two large panels and two bent supports. Thanks in advance
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    Panel Between Engine and Rear Glass

    The panel on the rear clam shell that is between engine and the rear glass typically covered on the bottom by heat shield BUT on the top side there is not a lot of vintage photos showing if it is simply painted a flat black etc. Thanks guys in advance
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    #1032 "Not exactly eyebrows"

    Thanks It will make getting the perfect gap at the in most 10% a lot....easier!!
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    #1032 "Not exactly eyebrows"

    Original image shows added door guard that can't be described as eyebrows but surely something holman/moody added to the car. Any thoughts why, what it's made of and was it unique to that car and that race? Thanks guys
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    Rear boxes, Windshield plate???

    MkII"A" had tire up front
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    Original P1015 Dash Switch

    Reostat......used in aircraft etc to dim/brighten the dash lights. Primarily if panel is back lit. Cheers
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    RBT ZF gear cross shaft "Nut"

    Thanks, I was leaning towards a M12, but wonder if it's 1.5 or 1.75 threads. Thanks for replying
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    RBT ZF gear cross shaft "Nut"

    Hi What size is the nut on end of cross shaft???
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    Anyone Ever Make A Gt40 Firewall Bump?

    Hi Wish it was simply waterpump. With combo of Mkii FE, Aviaid dry scavange pushes balancer forward, thermostat neck, alternator, and pulleys......all need clearance.
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    Anyone Ever Make A Gt40 Firewall Bump?

    Got a FE with shorty pump. Everything is now 2nd passenger, alternator, thermostat housing, distributor etc.
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    RCR GT40 MKiia Facebook Build Log
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    Handbrake options

    This is the rcr photo