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    SLC Superlite For Sale

    Hi Guys, This car is no longer for sale. Thanks for all the interest.
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    LS3 fans not coming on

    Can anybody tell me what the indicated temperature is on their Digi Dash when the fans cut in? I recently let the car come up to full temperature to test if everything was working and no pipes blew off. My setup takes the reading for the Digi dash temperature from the heater loop and from...
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    Digi Dash

    Quick question, I'm thinking of adding separate Tachometer, Oil Pressure and Water temperature gauges to my dash board. I would like to also retain this functionality on the Digi Dash, can I split the signal wires from the Digi Dash inputs without problems? Thanks Gareth.
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    First Start

    It's taken a bit longer than expected but today I finally started my car. What amazed me the most was it genuinely started first time which I think is a tribute to the GM engine package and Infinity Box System.
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    Tillett B5

    Does anybody know if the Tillett B5 and the TR1 Adjustable seat runner set will work in an SLC? Thanks Gareth
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    Graziano Install

    Quick question, When installing the graziano transaxle to an LS3 does the axle slide all the way along its shaft to mate cleanly to the adaptor plate or do you need to draw the two together with bolts to overcome the clutch springs?
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    Things you'd have done differently.

    Somebody recently made a comment about '"standing on the shoulders of giants " which is most defenatly the method I'm using to build my SLC. That being said we all make mistakes or look back on our builds and think "If I did it again I'd do this or that differently " Anyway I thought it...
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    Moving a part finished SLC

    Hi chaps, I'm having to move from Chicago to Delaware, can anybody recommend a firm that can transport my unfinished SLC in a covered trailer?
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    Factory Visit

    Hi Chaps, I have a Grabber blue SLC on order with Fran that should now be coming together on the shop floor. I've been trying to get some pictures of it sent to me but it looks like things are a bit busy there at the moment. I was wondering if anybody was due to visit RCR in the next few week...
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    SLC resale price

    Hi Chaps, I've just moved to The Chicago area with my wife's job and to keep the boredom at bay I'm going to build a kit car. I was originally going to build a GT40 but Fran has sold the Idea of the SLC because their resale costs are higher and their simpler to build. So my question is...