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  1. MotorEddy

    Powerlite RAC407 starter motor

    Hi all I am just test-fitting this unit to my 302 / adaptor plate / UN-1 combination, and it fouls the engine block...just slightly. I'll try and get a photo later, but has anyone else had to relieve the block to get one of these units to fit correctly? Thanks, Eddy
  2. MotorEddy

    Front upright geometry

    Hi all, I already posted this question over on my build thread but thought I'd start a converation here, too. My SGT chassis comes with pickup points and wishbones to suit the John Wisher (?) style uprights and hubs, but there...
  3. MotorEddy

    UN1 shift pattern

    I have yet to collect my rebuilt UN1/013 from Chris Cole (should be this coming week) and have a question about shift pattern. Does the use of an original-style shifter like this one, and this type of rear linkage result in 1st being away from the driver like a standard pattern, or towards the...
  4. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    I am delighted to say that I have just been to collect Southern GT chassis #48 from Mick and the team, together with a pre-cut aluminium panel set, wishbones and fasteners. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure it'll keep me out of mischief for a while. Collecting chassis in a LWB Merc...
  5. MotorEddy

    Hello from Lancashire

    Hi all, I owned my first GT40 in 1972. It was absolutely beautiful - the best car I'd owned up to that point. The only problem was that the wheels didn't turn properly...I think I'd used too much polystyrene cement on the wheel hubs, after all, I was only 7 years old. I have yet to own my...