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    Mkii Three hole panel??

    What is the purpose of the panel with three dimpled holes? It's between the left storage box and inner fender panel. Thanks all
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    RCR GT40 Mkii Rear Inner Wheelwell Panels.

    Hi Not finding any instructions on how to bond the aluminum panels into the the rear clamshell that are the inner Wheelwell splash panels. Kit came with two large panels and two bent supports. Thanks in advance
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    Panel Between Engine and Rear Glass

    The panel on the rear clam shell that is between engine and the rear glass typically covered on the bottom by heat shield BUT on the top side there is not a lot of vintage photos showing if it is simply painted a flat black etc. Thanks guys in advance
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    #1032 "Not exactly eyebrows"

    Original image shows added door guard that can't be described as eyebrows but surely something holman/moody added to the car. Any thoughts why, what it's made of and was it unique to that car and that race? Thanks guys
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    RBT ZF gear cross shaft "Nut"

    Hi What size is the nut on end of cross shaft???
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    RCR GT40 MKiia Facebook Build Log
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    RCR Gt40 Rocker Install?

    Hey guys, what's the preferred method to install the under side of the rocker panels to chassis? Thanks
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    Catch can?

    Hi Every car seems to have different catch cans/bottles, (but truely) what did most of the original 66' cars use and where? Thanks guys
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    DIY mkiiA sump tank

    Hello Going to fabricate an original looking sump tank. Looks straight forward but wondering if anyone has seen one opened and what the baffles/screens look like. Thanks
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    RCR Rack n Pinion Removal?

    What's the secret on how to remove the rack and pinion from out of the footwell?
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    Mkii roof vent size?

    Would someone with the correct mkii roof vent/louvers measure overall size of panel and how wide the louver is?? Thanks
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    Transaxle painted?

    Hi Seen in a photo of the #1032 restoration that the transaxle appears to be painted a battleship grey. Is that period correct? Thanks
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    Holman Moody REPRODUCTION Oil Filter Decals

    Just to be clear these are reproductions. They are the HM-1 variation. They do not have the trademark logo above the "o" Search ebay and my $20 each will seem cheap. 4 available and oil filter not included Thanks
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    RCR MKII Roof Vent?

    Does the RCR mkii car come delivered with the louvered roof vent panel?? Thanks
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    Turn Lever AND Toggle?

    I've noticed many (at least MKIIs) have a crude turn lever on column And a dash toggle switch labeled turn. Why both??? Thanks all
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    1966 scrutineering (tech) decal?

    In 1966 le mans, where was the tech inspection decal placed? Does the photo show one possible location? That is if in fact the tech inspection decal. Has anyone reproduced the 66' decal?
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    12mm pilot bearing help!

    Is there a source in the states for the 12mm pilot bearings used on the RBT ZF??? Thanks
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    Oil cooler or trans cooler?

    Far from being a cooler expert....the cooler on the left side is oil? The right is trans cooler? And where is the trans cooler pump located? (If question two is yes). Thanks guys Larry
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    H2O temp sending unit MIA

    Hi guys Too many mkii photos show a plug in intake manifold where the water sending unit is normally placed. If not there, where? Thanks........