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    GT-R Door Cards

    Door Cards These door cards are designed to fit with the OEM style GT dash so you will likely have to do some work in the area where the two will meet, but they are a great starting point. First off is to trim the inner door skin to accept the door pocket. Here are scribe lines on the pocket...
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    Fitting my wheel arches.

    The wheel arches should be pretty well trimmed to size with little if any further trimming needed. only around the splitter may be an issue depending where your splitter ended up after the splitter mods, if this was done at all? Fronts first. The front of the rocker is trimmed to allow the arch...
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    Fuel starvation

    With the long fuel tank on the GT-R a 30ºish slope and less than 1/2 tank puts the pickup in air and or under braking on low tank. Ideally you would have a lift pump at the front of the tank too to bring fuel to a collector. Obviously its not such a problem with the stock setup with a surge tank...
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    GT-R Engine Cover Hinge Info

    If you are going to fit a hinge kit then here is a little info that may help. before you do anything make sure that you're body panels fit well together alignment wise, a 3/16" gap rear of engine cover to tail is about as tight as you can use. Make sure that the top surfaces of the engine cover...
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    H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

    Jared's GT-R, build by H Craft Customs. GM LT4 power Graziano transaxle. Options coming, Trunk, Power steering, Carbon fog lights, Tail lights, Hinged trunk and Engine cover, Tuck roll hoop into A pillars, Wheel arches, Rear bumper, and Carbon Head light buckets. First task is to...
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    H Craft GT-R

    Ill try to upload progress on my GT-R build