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    Early planning options on transaxle

    The Holinger MFT is rated at 750Nm for 24hr endurance applications.
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    Any one looking for a race car project for the winter ?

    Hi Frank, email sent. I need to find a home for this... ;)
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    Widen front arches

    Many thanks guys.
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    Widen front arches

    I can't remember who, but I'm pretty sure at least someone widened the front arches on tbeir GT40. Any pics floating around? Looking at going wiiiiider on the front rims.
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    Hey Cosi, do you find the PWR barrel coolers work in your installation?
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    What's the difference between a 4 bolt and 6 bolt vent? And don't say 2 bolts... ;)
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    audi V10 into a slc

    I love V10s! I have the Audi V10 (twin turbo form) in my RS6. It's an amazing engine, but quite complex. That said, I believe the BMW S85 V10 is worse for complexity! Having owned both now, I'd go with the Audi V10 in an SLC every time.
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    Ferrari Powered GT40

    I guess I've been head down, bum up on the car. Since the last post, I've decided to pull the 360 engine and Elite sequential and replace it with some more serious Ferrari hardware. So now she runs a Ferrari 488 twin turbo V8, custom flywheel and bellhousing, as well as a custom spec'd Holinger...
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    Hello! and Ferrari 512M project

    Yes, I have the all the dimensions. PM me...
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    Hello! and Ferrari 512M project

    Yes, in Australia. The standard 360 box (Graziano) can have the rear crash structure (black section) trimmed right back to shorten the transmission overall. The intake manifold is very tall, and unless you want to see that manifold, you could either use a Ferrari F355 intake manifold which has...
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    Hello! and Ferrari 512M project

    Here are the pics of the F131 V8 with the Elite TXL250 Transaxle. I designed the bellhousing adapter to suit the GT3 flywheel, clutch, and starter gear. The starter motor is a Mazda unit. All up for grabs!
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    Hello! and Ferrari 512M project

    I have a spare (very complete and low km) Ferrari 360 V8 that would be nice in that! I also have a std manual 6spd transaxle, as well as a 6spd sequential transaxle from the UK, with custom bellhousing to suit. I'll find some pics and post for reference. Happy to help with 360 engine info, I...
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    Centrelock wheel adapters

    PCD aside, can anyone confirm if the Vintage Wheels (USA) and Image Wheels (UK) centrelock adapters have the same thread and taper profile?
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    Red car in Iowa

    Hi Rod, I totally missed this thread. I'll be watching carefully, as I'm using the Holinger MFT as well. I have gone exclusively with the compressor and paddles insterad of the shift-cut lever like you've got there. I'd be fascinated to see which ratios you've chosen. Keep up the great work.
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    High level wing mount - GT40

    So it appears to be mounted directly to the bodywork...
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    High level wing mount - GT40

    Thanks Larry. I have the wing, I'm just looking at ways to attach the mounts to the trans or chassis. No point reinventing the wheel :)
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    High level wing mount - GT40

    I'm pretty sure this car was for sale recently, so hoping someone can help with a pic or two. I'm looking for details on how these wing mounts were attached to this car's chassis or transaxle. Just wondering if it was a quick release system to allow easier access to the engine bay. Engine bay...
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    Drivetrain Options

    I've just ordered a Holinger MFT as it's one of the few transaxles available that'll handle the torque from my engine. It's rated at 700Nm for 24hr race applications, and is the same trans used in the Brabham BT62 and the S5000 race cars. Not cheap, but on par with the Hewlands. Oh, and they're...
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    GT40 Dashboard CAD file wanted

    Does anyone have a 3D CAD file of a GT40 dashboard, to save me drawing one from scratch? Thanks in advance
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    Drivetrain Options

    Love that car, it hammered in that configuration.