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  1. SteveBarker

    ***SOLD MDA GT40 Mk II For Sale SOLD***

    My MDA MkII GT40 IVA'd and registered in 2009 has only done 1,000 miles in the last three years. I have been busy with other projects, so it is time for a new owner to give her some exercise. The build log is here under :- SteveB MDA Build diary, pretty much describes the car. This is the...
  2. SteveBarker

    Shelsley Walsh free entry!

    Due to the sudden loss of my wife Margaret from a stroke three days ago. I am not attending the hill climb on 16/17 August 2014 and the entry is in a class for GT40's and is paid up. Who will take the entry and run 'for Margaret'? Contact Pete Thompson via Enthusiasts Club he has the...
  3. SteveBarker

    Noisy suspension rod end joints

    I have rose jointed suspension, that's the front top wishbone and all the joints in the rear. Over time some of the joints have progressively started to transmit a slight chattering noise particularly when lightly loaded. There is no discernible free-play in the joints just this noise. The car...
  4. SteveBarker

    UK Closed roads events?

    The MSA sent me this as part of a push to get Closed Road events made possible in the UK. If my link is a failure then go to the MSA website. I will be responding to help make this type of event possible without the need for an act of Parliament. The EC and any one who enjoys the sight and...
  5. SteveBarker

    Cadwell Park and Blyton Trackdays 10& 11 June

    Who is up for this back to back track event. The entrants are likely to be GT types, run by Javelin The Blyton circuit and Cadwell are only a few miles apart so a local pub / inn stopover between could be great fun. Are you in? Steve
  6. SteveBarker

    Stainless steel crossover exhaust

    The original exhaust from my GT40 build is surplus and for sale as I wanted a more MkII looking system. Consists of ;- Two silencers with collectors Two noise reducer inserts (the car passed noise test at Goodwood) 8 Mikalor clamps 8 1 3/4" primary header pipes The system was fitted to a...
  7. SteveBarker

    Spark plugs

    My engine is a Ford Racing 347 crate engine, I can't find a recomended plug fitment for the engine on the Ford Racing site. There is not much I can find in the forums so I pose the question.. What brand have you used I have NGK installed. What heat range for road and trackday use, I've seen...
  8. SteveBarker

    Isle of Man Classic GTD & Baines Trophy

    The regs for this great event are out and available for the 2012 event. I went last year with Mike Pass Martin Gough and John Bate what an excellent visit. Who is up for the event next year? What is the status of the Baines Trophey? Martin had the fastest time in a previous year and I did...
  9. SteveBarker

    Bolton twinned with LeMans!

    Here is a refreshing change; the good people of Bolton in Lancashire have twinned with LeMans and have a Motorsport Festival. It takes place this weekend in would you believe it Le Mans Crescent outside the Town Hall. Events | Bolton Le Mans Motorsport Festival 2010 That was last year, this...
  10. SteveBarker

    Exhaust note:- firing order & pipe length effects?

    Here are a couple of topics that have been discussed in lots of threads I have read and wonder what experience has been gained by others who have trodden the path before. What is the result of the 351 firing order in place of the 302 ‘normal order’ and the variation in manifold/header length on...
  11. SteveBarker

    ZF Gearshift Bias

    My gearshift works well; however the side to side springloaded bias for fourth and fifth is quite strong. The gate is naturaly set to second and third. Spring resistance toward first and reverse is a little heavy but I've become used to it. Question is; can the bias spring tension on the...
  12. SteveBarker

    Failed alternator

    After running for the 40 min the Enthusiasts Club had set up at Le Mans Classic with headlights fans pumps etc on, the alternator gave up the fight and died. I found out the next day as we drove back to ferry, the battery just made it to the port it all came to a stop on the dockside. Here is...
  13. SteveBarker

    How did you set up Brake Bias?

    Hi I have looked back in searches to find out how bias has been set by builders. There are lots of references to the calculation of master cylinder and caliper piston size but not much to guide you to the percentage split that is best for a GT40. Other suggestions include using the brake...
  14. SteveBarker

    P1085 in Octane #77

    My Octane issue #77 arrived today, inside there is an article on P1085. 40 years in boxes!!, are there any more? Steve
  15. SteveBarker

    Universal joint identity?

    My MDA has this type of U/J in the the gear linkage. In a very short time one of the bearing cups has detached on the gearbox link. I need to find a replacement. Can you identfy it or suggest a source? Many thanks Steve
  16. SteveBarker

    Location details?

    Hi Ron I have noticed that the 'location' details have changed to show the 'car type' from the profile. My posts used to show my location as Yorkshire; now it says my location is MDA MkII. Is there a mixup in the field allocation? Just a small point, as I do enjoy seeing where in the...
  17. SteveBarker

    MkII rear brake ducting

    My MDA MkII has the snorkles vents and the molding has the split side air intake in the rear clip mould. There is also a tee duct to glass into place. Here is my problem, tryng to find some good pictures of the inside of the rear clip that show how the top air from the snorkle and side vent...
  18. SteveBarker

    Race Retro Stoneleigh

    Visited Race Retro today. here are some pictures of GT40s there. Enjoyed the show. Tomorrow Sunday is the last day. Steve
  19. SteveBarker

    ZF reverse light switch

    There appears to be a reverse light switch that screws into the selecter cover of the ZF gearbox. Has anyone information on the source, any other car it may be fitted to, or have one available. Thanks Steve
  20. SteveBarker

    ZF Clutch lever

    Hi I find myself short of the lever shown in the photo, I have not been able to track one down. Can any one help with one or a source? Thanks Steve