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    poster A1 or A0

    Hi looking for a GT40 mk1 side profile poster, high quality to frame, thanks, John
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    smith's temp gauge repair

    Hi I purchased some smiths gauges only to find the temp gauge not working, on inspection it must have a leak in the bulb connection and the ether has gone, any one repaird one of these? I expect we open up the bulb re fill with ether and solder it back together? John ps I would realy...
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    IDA Gaskets

    does anybody have a DXF of the IDA gsakets? I have a friend with a laser and was going to cut some for my self, or are the cheap as chips to buy thanks, John
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    DXF of 302 belhousing drawing

    Hi, looking for a DXF of the bellhousing of a sbf to make a new sandewge plate for the ZF any drawings would be great even if its for a different trans, its only the ford side I need. thanks John Shand
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    Bag tanks

    Hi, anyone got time expired bag tanks? or know of any for sale? thanks John Shand
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    ZF Tools

    Hi looking for info or drawings for diff bearing removal tool for a ZF25-2 tool 2 part number 1253 898 204 so I can service my Zf thanks John Shand
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    Girling calipers wanted

    Hi has anyone got a set of Girling calipers they want to sell or even give me some dimensions off? looking for the 16-4 and 18-4 I think these where comon in the 60s John
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    Girling calipers

    Hi looking for some Girling 16/4 and 18/4 calipers as used on the gulf cars, if any one can help thanks
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    Girling caliper info

    Hi looking for Girling 16/4 and 18/4 caliper mounting info or any drawings would be of help thanks John
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    Pedal box

    Hi any one got a pedal box out of a SPF? as I would like to know the bolt spacing thanks
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    roll bar/cage mono photos please

    Hi looking for info on roll cage/bar fitted to mono chassis, I don't want to fit one but local track rulles wont let me run with out one, car is mainly going to be a road car, however I would like to do some club racing with it, I don't want to basterdise or devalue my car by fitting a cage...
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    Wire loom

    Hi all in the prosses of making the wire loom, and wondered if all cars had the black woven outter or did some have the gray non stick tape as ford used for production cars of the time, (Angila Cortina and later Escort) as I have seen some with pvc wire, and have access to the Ford gray tape...
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    alloy radiator

    Hi can any one help with supply of an alloy radiator core looking for top to bottom flow not cross flow type will make top and bottom tanks, unless there is a complete unit out there looking for a new home at a good price Thanks John Shand
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    GT40 Mk1

    Hi all Many years ago when I was about 12 years old I started to build a sports car, much like a M8 but with Hillman imp power, swing axels and space frame, in the school holidays, I never finished it But the dream of building a super car resurfaced about 6 years ago and after a year of...
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    CAD file of IDA Weber

    can anybody help with cad drawings of Weber Ida carbs or at least the bolt patern and spacing, thinking of making an injection setup that looks like Ida, Thank
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    SBF dxf file

    does anyone have a dxf of the 289/302 bellhousing please
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    Classis Car Developments (Dave Brown) Chassis

    Tried to post in constructors section,
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    Hi have a mk1 chassis for sale in New Zealand needs finishing, can pm photos, make an offer!
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    brake lines

    Hi could someone please send some photos of where the brake lines go on a mk1 chassis, just about to run them and would like to get it right if pos. [email protected] thanks John Shand
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    GT40 rack & pinion

    Hi all looking for info on mk1 rack dimensions rack d and distance betwen ball joints ie total rack length and angle of pinion to rack any help would be great Thanks John Shand