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  1. SteveBarker

    ***SOLD MDA GT40 Mk II For Sale SOLD***

    My MDA MkII GT40 IVA'd and registered in 2009 has only done 1,000 miles in the last three years. I have been busy with other projects, so it is time for a new owner to give her some exercise. The build log is here under :- SteveB MDA Build diary, pretty much describes the car. This is the...
  2. SteveBarker

    Running warm

    Check the points Bill raised. However I have put a restricter in the bypass that prevents too much flow. In the normal car layout the rad is close next to the outlet with minimal flow resistance, in a GT40 there are long pipe runs with greater resistance. The restricter ensures maximum flow to...
  3. SteveBarker

    Shelsley Walsh free entry!

    Due to the sudden loss of my wife Margaret from a stroke three days ago. I am not attending the hill climb on 16/17 August 2014 and the entry is in a class for GT40's and is paid up. Who will take the entry and run 'for Margaret'? Contact Pete Thompson via Enthusiasts Club he has the...
  4. SteveBarker

    Le Mans Classic 2014

    Hi Mike I was in the line also for the Saturday laps. The car behind you was Pete Thompson Steve
  5. SteveBarker

    UK MOT brake requirement. Are reusable fittings acceptable?

    Hi My car is fitted throughout with Aeroquip type hoses and passed SVA and several MOT's since. Never been questioned Steve
  6. SteveBarker

    EPAS (Electric Power Assist Steering)

    I have used my EPAS system on the road and on trackdays since it was fitted. The result is just better than I could have hoped for. Parking and reversing is just a delight and the feel at speed remains positive and no trace of vague or wander , through tight bends hairpins it knocks seconds...
  7. SteveBarker

    sold rear axle and one wheel spinning?

    Right turn, the inside wheel is loaded less as the weight transfers, when power comes on there is a torque reaction from the prop shaft that loads the left wheel but unloads the already lighter loaded right.. smoke On a left turn the torque reaction adds to the left but the right is loaded by...
  8. SteveBarker

    Noisy suspension rod end joints

    John. Thanks for the information, I think the size would be an issue though the principal looks good. I have fitted the replacement rod ends to the front wishbones. A test drive showed that I had fixed some of the chatter but there was more to do. There was still noise both back and front...
  9. SteveBarker

    Brake and Lamp Check...Reverse Light

    Hi The reverse light switch fits in the gear shifter case on the gearbox. Hope the picture helps. The switch is pricy from Lambo spares suppliers like this, maybe from other sources. Lamborghini REVERSE GEAR SWITCH - Lamborghini Part# 086941521 Steve
  10. SteveBarker

    Help, clutch/release brg/pintle problem

    Dave There are couple of ways to deal with the clutch release arm / hydraulic cylinder. There is need to make allowance for the clutch pressure plate fingers sitting further out as the clutch disk wears. It's been the case when there is insufficient clearance inside the bell housing that the...
  11. SteveBarker

    Noisy suspension rod end joints

    Thanks for the input, all good points. I looked at the Johnny joints but there are none small enough but the principal looks good maybe a rebuild-able rod end with polyurethane inserts is a product waiting to happen. I had hoped to find a brand or type product that was particularly resistant to...
  12. SteveBarker

    gt40p/chassis #1029

    Just for interest the car in Dave Collins post with the registration 1MUF was at the Donnington Historic event this weekend. It was being loaded into it's trailer after damaging the gearbox in the event. Steve
  13. SteveBarker

    Noisy suspension rod end joints

    I have rose jointed suspension, that's the front top wishbone and all the joints in the rear. Over time some of the joints have progressively started to transmit a slight chattering noise particularly when lightly loaded. There is no discernible free-play in the joints just this noise. The car...
  14. SteveBarker

    Door sealing - GTD

    Here are some shots of what I did. I found that fitting a panel to the inside of the clip with sealing against the tub keeps most of the water spray from the wheels reaching the door seals gives the door seals a chance Steve
  15. SteveBarker

    Cibie /Valeo head lamps wanted

    Hi Dave Are these similar Optique CE Cibie Rectangle Référence 068861 EX 470132 Pour Saviem Et Autres | eBay Steve
  16. SteveBarker

    Not So New Guy

    Graham Welcome back, there's lots of help and advice here. Donnington Historic Festival Classic has GT40's racing on 4 May; members of the Enthusiasts Club will be in the display area on the Sunday for certain (me) come along and get re-inspired Steve
  17. SteveBarker

    lost manual for speedo calibration

    Referring to the info on the web page, the diff ratio is only relevant if the magnets/ pulse sensor are on the prop-shaft in a front engine/gearbox rear drive car. If you mount to a half / drive shaft that rotates at wheel speed the diff ratio is not relevant Steve
  18. SteveBarker

    lost manual for speedo calibration

    Try this web page Electronic Speedometer Stephen
  19. SteveBarker

    UK Closed roads events?

    10 April is the closing day Here is a reminder that the MSA has sent out Steve Dear MSA member, There is just one week left to have your say on proposals to facilitate closed road motor sport on mainland Britain. The government announced a consultation on closed road motor sport last month...
  20. SteveBarker

    Looking for KVA replicas info

    The company may have records if they still exist, these details are from a Cobra website KIT CAR CENTRE (PTY) LTD 40 KELLY ROAD JET PARK BOKSBURG SOUTH AFRICA (Situated 5 kilometres from Johannesburg International Airport) Our Postal Address: PO BOX 2046 KEMPTON PARK 1620 Our contact...