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  1. DC-MXV

    Mk2 nostril hinges

    I was advised that the original part was the boot hinge from a Ferrari 275GTB as at: They look very similar to the ones James has. I used Mini Mk1 door hinges on my car and machined...
  2. DC-MXV

    Avon CR6ZZ. age of tire

    The date code looks like is just on one side of the tyre. I checked some old ones I have and on one side it has a code to the right of the AT code you mentioned above. To the left of the AT code is the E11 marking. My old tyres have 2814 which I assume means week 28 2014. Regards Dave
  3. DC-MXV

    Rcr 40-31

    Chris I am still running the Edelbrock EFI Pro-Flo 2 throttle body and injector hardware on my car (331 SBF). We got rid of the Edelbrock ECU and replaced it with an Omex 710 unit to provide sufficient mapping capability to pass UK IVA emissions tests. As well as this we fitted 2 4 cylinder...
  4. DC-MXV

    GT40 Enthusiasts Group - value to USA member

    Hi Paul I have responded to the email that you sent me with some information on the club. Please let me know if you have any further questions following it's arrival. Dave
  5. DC-MXV

    MK2 replica Ken Miles tribute build

    Morton. I will see what I can find out. I know it is PPG paint and was ordered from paint supplier using the PPG code. Dave
  6. DC-MXV

    MK2 replica Ken Miles tribute build

    My car is currently being resprayed with paint provided by PPG to the 12854 Arcadian Blue colour. This is very much paler than the gulf blue when you put the two cars side to side. Dave
  7. DC-MXV

    GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 rear screen mesh size

    Visited my car today and the width of the aluminium used to make the frame is 20mm. Also found another few close ups of 1046 frame I took at Le mans Classic. Dave
  8. DC-MXV

    GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 rear screen mesh size

    Steve, I do not have the dimensions to hand and the car is away from home at the moment so I can not measure. It is aluminium and is slightly rounded as I think from period images the original frame looks rounded as is that on the restored 1046 (my picture from Le mans 2016 attached). I have...
  9. DC-MXV

    GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 rear screen mesh size

    Hi, I used the following mesh from Car Builder Solutions for my car: Regards Dave
  10. DC-MXV

    External mirrors

    Udo, I use SPA GT mirrors with convex lens. I have found these to be excellent for both road and track use giving good rear visibility. I have mine attached through the side windows onto a bracket bolted to the door to minimise stress on the window if they get knocked. As well as holes for...
  11. DC-MXV

    SouthernGT Number 18

    Great news Paul, glad to see your hard work paid off. Hope you get to enjoy driving the car soon. Dave
  12. DC-MXV

    NEC show pictures of GT40 Enthusiasts Club cars

    Yes the Mk 1V was the Heron. The owner found he car about 3 years ago and undertook an extensive restoration. He had pictures of the car at Le mans with Ross Baker from I think 2016. Has also been raced at several European circuits including this year's Spa summer classic. Owner is from...
  13. DC-MXV

    GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 nostril

    Mine was made from an aluminium panel that was then riveted and bonded to the nostril. Also attached is a pic of 1046 showing the side aluminium panels. Dave
  14. DC-MXV

    Source for UNC bolts / hardware in Europe / Germany?

    Hi, I found these people to be really helpful in getting correct grade UNF/UNC bolts for my suspension. Imperial Nuts & Bolts - Imperial and Metric, Threaded Hardware & Tools Dave
  15. DC-MXV

    2017 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 10-12 November

    Darren I can help out either on Friday or Saturday on the stand. Dave
  16. DC-MXV


    Mk11B cars in 1967 also had aysymetrical doors with the drivers door retaining the roof cut out section and the passenger door just opening at the top of the window leaving the roof in place. I believe I read somewhere it was to make the mechanics life easier. Dave
  17. DC-MXV

    Roundel lights

    Brian, My theory on the two lights on rear clip is that they must have given some minimal illumination when changing drivers as there is nothing much they could illuminate as they were fitted in roughly similar positions on all 8 Mk11 at Le Mans. Main differences appear to be that the Holman...
  18. DC-MXV

    RCR40 MK2 pictures?

    It looks like there are 2 types of MK1 front in use with different size arches. The attached picture shows both styles in one shot. It does however seem to vary dependent on the angle of the picture as you will see when comparing shots of cars I took turning off of track at Goodwood. I am...
  19. DC-MXV

    RCR40 MK2 pictures?

    Those all look like Mk1 noses to me. A true Mk11 nose does not have the central NACA duct. It does appear to be difficult to tell based on the wheel arch humps but when you see them next to each other it is obvious. I have attached some pictures of Mk1 and Mk11 at Goodwood 2013 all taken in...
  20. DC-MXV

    RCR40 MK2 pictures?

    Thanks. Yes the RX-8 was my road car at the time. Now long gone. Still have a RX-7 FB as my other play car alongside the RCR Mk11. Dave