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    Lotus 23 recreation built

    Hi mates Some year ago a few members knowing I was starting with help of my grandsons ( after the 907/8 replica built) a project of this tiny and smart 2 seater and they where advising me to start a thread to show all the process of this built from CAD drawing to completion of the rolling...
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    907/8 First serious outing

    Hello mates Some years after the completion of the project the car had last week end a first seriuos "outing" ; I had the big opportunity to be guess from organiser at a very very well known anf famous track named "Circuit de charade " where there was a sort of comemoration of Historic fame (...
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    12 hours Mugello

    For those watching TV now ( friday 17 h15 european time ); Jim and his Cameron team is perfoming absolutly well !!!! just some 38 mn to go and they are leaders !!! Congratulations !!! and just keep it until the flag !!!! Bravo Jim:shy::drunk:
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    nice crazy replica

    Hello to all builders If you want to watch for awhile another crazy builder just watch this 60 pages building thread !! The guy now will be able to built an 1/1 scale !!! Just amazing is not !! FORD GT 40 1/8 - Page 14
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    Bonjour à tous

    Hello to everybody Congrats to all of you for this very documented and friend forum