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    Kar-Kraft assets purchased to yield more Mk IV

    Not entirely sure I know enough about Mk IV & this story but "Bob Riley and Bill Riley, along with Jim Matthews, have acquired the assets of the original constructor of the Ford GT40...
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    Typical sight on the Streets of London

    For those of you who are worrying about his parking permit I can confirm it was outside controlled hours !
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    New film: The 24 Hour War

    Coming soon 2 minute trailer at bottom of page Pretty sure this is not posted before - please delete if repeat
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    P1065 again - March 11 Gooding Amelia ISland

    Amelia Island Gooding on March 11 sees 1065 make one of its regular auction appearances - estimate USD 3 200 000 - 3 600 000 1966 Ford GT40 Mk1 | Gooding & Company
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    Coys GT40 'Evocation'

    Can anyone tell me a little more about this car - is it really a monocoque with a 3 1/2 litre engine ? 1980 Ford GT40 L One-Off Continuation Car | Coys of Kensington
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    New GT40 Book in time for Christmas

    Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans by Preston Lerner Link to Whilst we await the updated Ronnie Spain this is...
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    Goodwood Members Meet March 19/20 2016

    Just announced: an into-the-dusk encounter on Saturday exclusively for the Ford GT40 to mark the 50th anniversary of the car’s maiden win at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1966 Read more at
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    1108 on Ebay

    Ford GT40 P1108 P70 Genuine MK1 Ford Advanced Vehicles Built in 1969 | eBay Fair price ?
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    Showing in Motorsport April 2014 as for sale poa with Home - RMD bvba but not on their site
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    GT40 to be honoured at 2013 Goodwood Revival

    Dedicated race Ford GT40
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    Alan Mann RIP

    New is just breaking that GT40 legend Alan Mann has passed away Ford racing legend Alan Mann dies | Classic and Sports Car
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    Alan Mann's Superformance P2147 for sale
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    Missing ? P1013 & P1112

    Has anyone any information about either of these cars current whereabouts ? 1013 was sold at Coys at Islington in November 1997 & 1112 was sold still incomplete by Christies at Battersea in March 2003 - possibly to Germany To the best of my knowledge they have not been seen since - can...
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    P1119 anyone ?

    Ford GT40 Mk V 1500 miles & just recommissioned Around £ 200 000 seems almost reasonable
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    Goodwood Revival 2011

    From Friday
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    GTD Bonhams Goodwood Sep 16

    Sounds like an exciting engine ! Lot Details This right-hand drive GTD40 was constructed during 1994/95 by former British Hill Climb Champion, the late Tony Marsh. The car is fitted with a dry-sump 4,550cc Rover V8 engine, built by Rovercraft as a development unit and originally installed...
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    Busy few days in the UK

    What with the Silverstone Classic & Hurlingham Concours but.....
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    Fab photo - deserves caption competition

    Apologies if this has been dug up before but it has just been drawn to my attention - captions please what is Enzo saying / thinking ?
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    Sbarro 2079/1023 Coys Padua Oct 23

    Padova Auction - Auto e Moto d'Epoca Fia papers so I guess it belongs here ! No estimate but : "With the current price for Ford GT40 racing models near to $2,000,000.00. no.2079 1 1023 offers the buyer a car capable of competing on equal terms with FORD’s finest at a fraction of the price."
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    New sightings at Donington/Spa

    I noticed from the entry & results lists that there were some new owners and/or cars at these two recent meets (eg Hancock Nolte Buncombe Forsbrey etc) Does anyone have more details to correlate drivers & chassis nos TIA