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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    Just a thought - if you have the headroom height, rather than drilling the manifold you could make blocks to go between the faux carbs and the manifold in which the injectors are held. This moderates the risk of making a machining error on one manifold inlet and ruining the manifold. Also...
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    problems with soft brake pedal and weak brakes.

    Perhaps try a pressure bleeder at the MC. The pressure bleeder can work very well to clear air in the lines. Make sure your pedals and pedal box is secure, stiff/strong, and properly bolted in. Check your soft brake lines. If they’re old then consider new lines. The stainless sleeve type...
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    Fuel pump discussion.

    Dual red top facets (one for each tank) on a SBF powered (347) Lotus Esprit. About 400hp, not tracked. Ran great. Now switched over to efi with Fast 2.0 and Bosch 044.
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    O1E LSD choices

    Chris, Quaife is right in your back yard and they have a good quality helical LSD available for your 01E for about 1,000 pounds. The Quaife helical LSD works very well. Personally, I prefer plate type LSDs, but...
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    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Honestly, I think the biggest mistake a new GT40 owner can make is to just accept the car as-is. Meaning, these are basically kit cars, not production cars....and as such, there can be many problems the car has when delivered....either new, or used. In other words, don't just accept the cars...
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    Plug and play loom for 302 EFI

    Jack, what EFI system are you using? I've installed a couple FAST 2.0 EFI systems on 8-stack 347's and they work really well. Quite simple and complete engine mgmt systems for a reasonable price. Easily custom-tunable, but the stock self-learning works very well. The ECU and harness and...
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    Experiences with wheel bearings and retaining compound

    Locking/retaining compound will not work. The bearing race depends upon the interference fit to stay put when going through heat cycles. It's possible you can find the bearing in the same ID and width dimensions, but with a slightly larger OD appropriate for a press fit - check some of the...
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    Anyone Ever Make A Gt40 Firewall Bump?

    My CAV had a decent bump out to accommodate the WP pulley. Probably something like 1.0-1.5 inches of additional clearance. The bump wasn't a problem with the seats as there was sufficient space between the seats.
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    WTB: Small Block Ford 8 Stack Fuel Injection

    Sorry, duh, meant Speedmaster, not Speedline. I would guess the Speedmaster manifolds are manufactured in China....? However, the quality and fit is very good, and the linkage works very well. There are extra ports for a variety of things (water temp, manifold pressure, etc.) and there's a...
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    What gearbox with what power/torque

    Two thumbs up for the Audi boxes - they’re inexpensive and can be strengthened somewhat by the install of the LSD. They’re also light weight at about 120lbs, and shift easily. However, the output shaft is below the input shaft and this can tend to cause some forward tilt of the drivetrain in...
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    Serious thoughts on CAV

    I think they’re all excellent, and you would not be disappointed with any of them. The only one I have much first hand experience with is the CAV, having owned one for many years. The CAV stainless steel chassis is beautiful and strong and the fit/finish is very good. The body shape looks...
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    J9, formerly J7A

    Allan, the reason nobody made a big deal about using the “GT40” name back in the day is because at the time there wasn’t a 3rd party squatting on the name trying to extract a fee for use of the there is now.
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    WTB: Small Block Ford 8 Stack Fuel Injection

    I can personally attest to the FAST 2.0 system as used on an 8 stack - very easy and straight forward to install and tune. I have personally installed two of these systems. As for the manifold, I used the Speedline SBF manifold and found the quality to be excellent and half the price of the...
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    Gonna do it. Lotus Esprit SBF.

    Sorry to be so slow to update here. The brief update is I bought a sailboat so I can get my kids out and away from the electronic crap. So, the Frankenlotus has been on hold since Feb. The car is running and driving well but I do need to make some improvements and adjustments: 1. Get the...
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    FS USA Chevy Big Block 8 Stack ITB Fuel Injection

    Still available. Anyone putting a big block in their ride?
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    Why des it take so long for some builders?

    Yes, you bet. The update is I bought a sailboat.... The boat has taken up the spare time over the last 8 months so no progress on completing the Frankenlotus. I'll get her finished up, but it probably won't be until next summer. Never enough time!
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    Why des it take so long for some builders?

    Wow, 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Impressive. I'm going on 7 years now with my SBF Lotus Esprit project. Depressing.......
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    Bleeding Clutch

    You can always use a pressure bleeder instead of a vacuum. If indeed the small bubbles are from air being drawn in past the threads of the bleed nipple under vacuum, use of the pressure bleeder can confirm this (or not).
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    Audi 016 gear lube

    Ditto that - Redline MT90 works great. If you have an LSD installed there's some Redline friction modifiers that can be used v. open diff.