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    Tornado ?

    Not sure what Forum to post to. Administrators, please correct. I'm slowly progressing through my build and keep track of this forum almost daily from a UK perspective. Although I see Southern Gt and GT-Forte comments constantly from new or existing builders UK wise on this forum or others...
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    Heater & Air-Con

    Apologies if this thread or similar exist elsewhere:- A question I'd like comments on ? Excepting the requirement for de-misting the windscreen for the UK IVA, are there any real reasons why you would need to fit a heater ? Comments I here tend to centre around trying to keep the...
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build

    To some of the club members and suppliers who I've been visiting and talking to over the last 4 months, I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to jump in a year earlier than originally planned. Having taken a detailed look at UK suppliers such as Tornado and Southern GT who both have...
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    Good to meet some of you Yesterday PM

    Hi Folks, Thanks for the hospitality Yesterday PM at Silvermere. I have plenty to think about. Will be at the classic car show Tomorrow and will visit stand. Best Regards. Nick & Yisa
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi, just taken the plunge and joined. I'm thinking of a Southern GT build in the UK. Was looking at a Cobra but think I want something a little more on the edge. Thanks. Nick.