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    RCR MKl for Sale **SOLD**

    YFor Sale RCR Mkl Built in 2007 by Bill Pinzini, acquired by Michael Holmes of Racing Division, Inc. El Segundo 2010. Car has approximately 7500 miles. RCR gauges have been replaced by custom ‘smith’ style SpeedHut gauges. This is a road legal under California’s SB100 program. Condition of the...
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    Ford GT40 Le Mans Plaque

    I am trying to gather information on an item i have in my collection. I picked this piece up on ebay a few years ago from a seller who purchased it out of an estate in Belgium. It is a plaque that celebrates the 3 of 4 Ford GT Le Mans victories and measures 12"X8.5" it appears to be laminated on...
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    50th Anniversary Celebration at Willow Springs Raceway

    Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club, in conjunction with The Original Venice Crew is hosting the GT350 (all Ford powered performance cars welcome) celebration, marking the first victory by Ken Miles at Green Valley Raceway, 2/24/65. Event is 2/14-15, 2015 Willow Springs Raceway...
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    RCR GT40 MKl, Willow Springs

    Hey guys, i ran Willow Springs this weekend and posted a couple of videos.
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    Driving to Monterey?

    I was wondering if there were any other GT40's driving from SoCal to Monterey for the historics?
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    You're kidding me right?

    1967 Ford GT 40 Re-creation - California Est, $150,000-$200,000
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    MKl Style Fuel Cock

    I bought mine here, they now have another. Originally from a RAF Spitfire. - warbird Fuel
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    Canard wings & Spoiler

    Anyone have templates for both MKl canard wings and spoiler template in PDF or digital format for sale or to share? Thanks in advance.
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    Audi 01E clutch slave

    Does one have to open the transaxle to remove the clutch slave? Or does it pry out? Thanks in advance.
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    Ken Miles Testing GT at Willow Springs

    I found this some time ago on YouTube. It's an 8mm film of Ken Miles and Shelby American crew testing the updated Ford GT at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond CA. Shelby Ford GT Willow Springs Testing 1965 - YouTube
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    Saac 38

    As many of you know SAAC 38 will be held the 4-5-6 of July 2013 at Fontana Raceway in Fontana CA. Racing Division is renting a garage to set up our store and hospitality booth for LA SAAC members and guests coming in from Japan. If any GT40 owners are planning on attending the event, please...
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    Audi 016 to SBF Questions

    I have a question about the spacer / adaptor that was installed on my RCR 40, Audi 016 and Ford Racing 302. Should the spacer be used with a bushing installed in the back of the crank as seen in the photo, or tapped into the crank with no bushing as it appears to be the same diameter as the...
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    Catch Can Valve covers

    Does anyone have really good multi-direction photos of the original catch can valve covers? I found this one from Racing Icon's website: Thanks in advance, Michael
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    289/302 Needed

    Hi, I am looking for a 289/302 low milage well built street-able semi-race motor for my RCR MKl GT40. Michael 310-968-3017
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    RCR40 Alignment Specs

    Greetings all. I have searched the site but have not found a concise posting with all of the correct alignment information for the RCR40. I am looking for ride: height front/rear caster f/r camber f/r toe f/r I am finally getting the car to an alignment shop who is not going to tell...
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    Fuel Tap Shroud

    I have picked up a fuel tap for my RCR that closely resembles that of the original MKl. I am wanting to buy or make a shroud that looks like the original that mounts on the bulk head wall in the cabin. Does anyone have any good measurements or drawings of an original? Regards, Michael Holmes...
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    Toxic cabin

    I've decided no more multi-hour drives in the GT until I remedy the toxic gasses in the cockpit. I've done much to eliminate any passage ways between the engine bay and cockpit but without quality fresh air coming in it is still a health hazard. My thinking is to drill 3" holes in the front...
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    Ford and GT40 - The Golden Age of Motorsport

    An interesting video, one I've never seen. It's an hour long but very informative. Ford and GT40 - The Golden Age of Motorsport - YouTube
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    Frame work for nose and tail sections

    I recall seeing in a RCR build that had the front section framed in very much like an original MK1. Also would like to know if anyone has done the same type of framing on the rear as well which would include the rear deck mounts as well. Links to other posts that shows either or both examples...
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    RCR torque specs needed.