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  1. Jim Craik

    Your first car was a ____________

    A 1964 Morris Cooper S, a 1071cc out of Canada, fairly rare in CA. Goodyear Blue Streaks with Coamic wheels. Couldn’t afford Minilites.
  2. Jim Craik

    Ford vs Ferrari coastal drive

    Our chassis ran Le Mans 2000 with the DAMS team out of France, Most of the body we have obtained is from the #5 car from 2001 also run by DAMS.
  3. Jim Craik

    Ford vs Ferrari coastal drive

    Hi Kevin, yes I passed 50K a few years ago, a little over 60K at this time. The Caddy is coming along, I’ve just located a new stash of parts, radiators, a new fuel cell and some wheels...
  4. Jim Craik

    Ford vs Ferrari coastal drive

    Got out for a Social Distance coastal drive with my friend Hoffman and his 63’ Lusso. Great drive on a beautiful day.
  5. Jim Craik

    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    Thanks for the advice, two full turns were needed, now it’s perfect. Thanks again.
  6. Jim Craik

    New GT40 replica in your team

    Welcome Mathieu, beautiful car!
  7. Jim Craik

    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Jim Craik here in Los Gatos CA, Frances and I are doing well, staying inside until it’s safe. This virus is nasty, I lost my best friend growing up, Doug Goode, he was driving Uber in Silicon Valley, died a couple weeks ago. Be safe out there, it’s a nasty way to go.
  8. Jim Craik

    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    Thanks Tom, it certainly looks to be easier to adjust at the box.
  9. Jim Craik

    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    Thanks for the help, I did not know that the shifter could be adjusted at the shifter.
  10. Jim Craik

    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    Hi Rob, Randy, thanks for the tips. We were careful to remove the retaining clip, pop the ball and carefully pull the mounting plates. Everything went back together fairly easily. Now that I think about it the first few times third did engage, now the gears rub but to not engage. I’m thinking a...
  11. Jim Craik

    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    Howdy folks, we recently had to pull the RBT ZF out of our SPF MKI for a slave cylinder leak. After reassembly it will no longer stay in third. It’s a cable shifter and we removed only the cable mounting plates and did not touch the adjustment threads. All the other gears are there but third...
  12. Jim Craik

    SLC 001 Build

    Nice Rob, I like the cooling fins. In person the wheel proportion appears perfect.
  13. Jim Craik

    Check your ZF

    We had a RBT ZF slave cylinder failure on our P/2264. Pulled the transaxle, turns out the bleeder hose had warn through right were it passed through the bell housing. Ours is fairly high miles, but I strongly suggest checking and perhaps adding protection to this area. It’s a cheap part but a...
  14. Jim Craik

    Shelby shenanigans

    Went by the Shelby “museum” in Las Vegas over Christmas, got this nice poster. It’s really more of a Shelby outlet than Museum, everything was for sale, but nice new cars to look at... I was very disappointed to hear the Shelby docent comple with black cowboy hat and drawl tell the visitors...
  15. Jim Craik

    Ford GT40 Mk1 technical data

    Hi Nick, in 1966 they used MKIIs.
  16. Jim Craik

    MK1 vs Mk2 body kits

    Hi Doug, how have you been? The MKIII side windows did not roll down, they only pop out.
  17. Jim Craik

    MK1 vs Mk2 body kits

    it’s basically owner preference, the MKI has a pleasing shape with all the right curves. The MKII has much more of a race car look with purposeful lines and more pronounced air scoops.
  18. Jim Craik

    Choosing color for gt40 MKI

    This is a group of original cars being loaded aboard a ship bound for America. Lots of metallic light blue.