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    New ht40 owner

    Well, i will do my introduction here. I just bought a GT40 north America. All carbon fiber body. 560 horse 393 stroker with a R21 trans axle. Very fast! Pulls so hard throuhh the gears! Car needs nothing, runs, dtivrs, handles perfectly. It is everything i was hoping for. The world just melts...
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    Carbon fiber gt40?

    Greetings, i am looking at a gt40. Purportedly made by Andrew Broadley of lola fame, gt40 north america? Seller says body is all carbon fiber. They only built 12? Did they make such a thing? Gorgeous car, although a few details stand out to me. Just looking for some feedback on gt 40 north...
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    Renault trans axle

    I am looming at a 600 HP GT40. It has the renault 5 speed in it. Will it handle that kind of power?
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    Possible trades?

    Greetings! I have a 67 GT500 that I would be interested in maybe trading for a MK I or MKII. I would prefer a completed project. Open to all colors and drivetrains. If you are interested please shoot me a message or an email. Cheers Rob