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    Trumpters 1/12th MKII kit improved

    I have been in the local model shop and saw a 1/12th Trumpters Ford GT MKII (GT40P/1046) the 1966 Le Mans winner kit. They said it was a new kit. I said that I thought it been out for some time. No they said it was a new improved version of the kit. Does anyone know if this is a new improved...
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    The end of Colney Fox

    Dear Colney Fox members It would be a club night at Colney Fox on Thursday January 6th. But I cannot make it due to a family breavement. However, I have been flogging a dead horse for some time now and it comes to the point that here is not enough attendance to continue. I have receive no...
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    Cancelling Colney Foxs meeting tonight and the future of this venue

    I am cancelling Colney Fox tonight Thursday 3rd December due to lack of members support. I think that this will be the last Colney Fox meeting as the attendence level makes it impossible to continue. However, I do wish to have some feedback from you on this matter. For instance Carl Woolf a new...
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    Colney Fox December meeting this Thursday 3rd

    Hi Folks, its Colney Fox time. Please let me know whos coming this Thursday 3rd December starting at 8:00-8:30pm. Have a safe journey looking forward to seeing you. Regards Allan
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    Sparks Ford GTMKII P/1046 1966 Le Mans model 1/18th scale?

    I do not want to put a downer on this model but saw one in St Martins models in Ceil Court and thought it looked odd. I am not sure that have added the humps over the from wings. But I am sure there were no Day Glo Red jacks at the front. Has anyone bought one of these models? Regards allan
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    Cancelling Colney Fox today Thursday 5th November

    Hi Folks I will have to cancels Colney Fox meeting today Thursday 5th November. Due to lack of attendance and it being Guy Fawkes night. I hope to see you in December? Regards Allan
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    Colney Fox Novembers Meeting next Thursday 5th

    Hi Folks Its Colney Fox time next Thursday 5th November starting 8:00-8:30pm PLease let me know if you can attend? Regards Allan
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    Colne7y Fox Novembers Meeting next Thursday 5th

    Hi Folks Its Colney Fox time next Thursday 5th November starting 8:00-8:30pm PLease let me know if you can attend? Regards Allan
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    Cancelling Colney Fox tonight Thursday 1st October 2015

    Hi Folks, Cancelling tonights (1/10/2015) Colney Fox meeting yet again. Well Folks a reoccuring problems no people being able to come to the have a meeting for what ever reason. Not enough people turning up to make a meeting worthwhile; should I continue? In the past I thought it would be a...
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    Colney Fox October meeting Thursday 1st October

    Hi Folks sorry for the late notification. Colney Fox meeting is schedules for this Thursday 1st October at 8:00-8:30pm. Can anyone make it? Please let me know?? It was good to put a face to an name when I meet Carl Woofe and his son at the 50th photoshoot at Bruntingthorpe. Regards Allan
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    Colney Fox Cancelled today Thursday 3rd September

    Sorry Folks Due to me having to get my Mother In Law into a nursing home today. And not knowing the exact time. Only one member likely to come I am afraid I will have to cancel Colney Fox meeting tonight. Lets hope Octobers meeting go's ahead otherwise there seems no point in continuing!!?? I...
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    Colney Fox Septembers meeting Thursday 3/8/2015ursday

    Hi folks It Colney Fox time next Thursday September 3rd at 8:00-8:30pm were have some new members Carl and Stewart trying to attend. Please can we get more than four people together? If I have missed any new members name I apologize but I have been under considerable stress with my 92 year old...
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    Cancelling August Colney Fox tonight 05/08/2015

    Hi Folks Cancelling tonights meeting due to lack of members. Will try again for next months meeting on Thursday 3rd September. If this continues I will consider giving up the meeting. Please let me know if you think its worth continuing? Regards Allan
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    Colney Fox August meeting Thursday 6th August

    Hi Folks The August meeting at Colney Fox takes place this coming Thursday 6th August .Startring at 8:00-8:30pm. Please let me know if you are coming? Incedentially Paul Walton is organizing a very special photo shoot 50th Anniversary of the GT40 first Le Mans win 1966 so if you want to be in...
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    CAncelling July Colney Fox tonight Thursday 2nd July

    Sorry Folks duue to lack of members I am having to cancell Colney Fox tonight. However, a new builder will be coming along in August so lets hope for a good turnover to help him with his Build!!! Regards Allan
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    Colney Fox July meeting next Thursday 2nd July

    It Colney Fox time next Thursday 2nd July starting 8:00-8:30pm. Please let me know if you can make it. Have a safe journey; looking forward to seeing you. Regards Allan
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    Cancelling Colney Fox Thursday 4th June

    Hi Folks Due to lack of numbers coming I am cancelling todays Colney Fox (04/06/2015) meeting. Maybe July will be better? Regards Allan
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    Colney Fox meeting Thursday 4th June 2015

    Hi Folks Its Colney Fox time next Thursday 4th June starting between 8:00-8:30pm. PLease let me know who's coming? Regards Allan
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    Cancelling Colney Fox meeting Thursday 7th May

    Hi Folks Due to the Election on Thursday May 7th and the fact I cannot make this date for personal reasons I am cancelling Mays Colney Fox Meeting this coming Thursday. Hope to see you in June. Regards Allan
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    April's Colney Fox meeting

    Hi Folks it Colney Fox time again next Thursday 2nd April begining at 8:00-8:30pm. Please let me know if you are coming? Have a safe journey Regards Allan