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  1. gt40fran

    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Superlite is pleased to announce general availability of their new in-house designed and CNC-machined billet shifter for the Graziano transaxle cars. Many builders have expressed a preference for the OEM Audi R8 shifter because of its improved feel and appearance, but these are increasingly...
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    Anti intrusion brace

    In an effort to keep our customers safe and happy. We have developed these parts to relieve any concerns about an age old problem with rear radius rod suspension cars with the potential for the rod to enter the cockpit during an accident. They also have the additional benefit of providing...
  3. gt40fran

    Superlite "side" cars

    This is a pic of my new F1 Kawasaki zx10 powered sidecar from last weekend at Summit Point. We had our first win of the season on Saturday with the hopes of more to come for josh and I
  4. gt40fran

    Superlite Moab

    This is the truck we should have had at SEMA but its going to be at PRI instead now.... These are renderings using our CAD data and once I post a picture of the real truck its really great how close they look....
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    Pretty snappy. This record-setting hill-climb car is so fast, the video looks fake - Road & Track
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    Superlite "side" cars

    Here's what I did this weekend ... I am holding the throttle and Josh is the trusting one..:thumbsup:
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    Race cars...

    It was a nice sunny day at RCR yesterday so we wheeled out a couple of cars just to show them that Winter was over and that they would be able to get out and exercise again....
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    RCR and Moto GP COTA

    As some may know I am a bike of a bike loon .... Well I have a couple of friends that have a motorcycle company called MOTUS Motus Motorcycles | The American V4 Sportbike This is a very cool all American made motorcycle with their own V4 engine. RCR has teamed up to build a very cool car that...
  9. gt40fran

    R C R 917's and a 962

    Just in case some guys have forgotten that we build replicas here in the good ole' USA too.... a few P cars that have just been readied and shipped in the last week or two. The 917's ($43,995 btw) are shown in gelcoat and have our in house manufactured 15 inch wide rear wheel has...
  10. gt40fran

    Barber Motorsports Museum

    I am proud to say that Mr Barber chose RCR to manufacture and supply some awesome automotive pieces of art for his Museum one for him to drive on track. We built a 917 in the famous Gulf orange and blue livery, a GT40 in the '65 Daytona colours and a P4 . All of the bodies are...
  11. gt40fran

    New centerlock wheel option

    I have been working with Forgestar for a while now as they are my supplier of choice for the SLC wheels. During a recent conversation regarding their new CF5V wheel I brought up the option of RCR making the wheels a centerlock... They were pretty keen on this and we now have the ability...
  12. gt40fran

    Happy Holidays

    All at RCR would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season.. Thanks for a great 2013 and for hanging in there with us during our move to the new factory. We look forward to seeing and hanging out with you all again in 2014...:thumbsup:
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    A little project we built fifteen cars animals were harmed in the making of this movie but some cars certainly were.... Take A Behind The Scenes Look At An Amazing Stunt From A Lame Movie
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    Kar Kraft shop tour 1969
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    Interesting times at RCR... We have been without power due to a little careless driving by a delivery guy... He happened to be delivering propane to the factory next door and he backed into the power pole carrying our transformers...and then preceded to knock it over without noticing....or...
  16. gt40fran

    13 hr at VIR sponsor too

    Well folks its that time of year again.....the race runs on October 25th 2013 This year we are going to take two cars but no SLC... The LMP1 is going to be running with our LS3 endurance spec engine and will be driven by our young Grand Am studs...Ryan Ellis and Matt Bell. The second car...
  17. gt40fran

    Nekkid pics

    Thought some of you may like to see these
  18. gt40fran

    Graziano accessory parts

    Another pioneering transaxle project for RCR/Superlite customers as far as I am aware there is no other company that has stepped up and created this package for specialty cars like ours.. A couple of pics of our new flywheel, shifter and cable bracket that are Graziano specific and also now...
  19. gt40fran

    NEW SLC interior tub

    We have been working on this new interior tub for the last few months... This tub is one piece and is going to be available in black fiberglass or in full vacuum bagged carbon and is now in production as an option. The center console is a separate unit allowing fitting of the shifter and...
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    Superlitecars superlite cars RCR latest LM-P - YouTube