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    I photographed the Le Mans winning Look a like MKIV built in the late 1980's on one of the two remaining J tubs. It was being painted in Farborough and we had to extract the painters' 6 year old son from the cockpit of the car he got in but had difficulty getting out. I thought that the...
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    I hope Debbie and you get as much pleasure from it as you have been giving us on its build! regards Allan and Eleanor
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    R.I.P. Eric Broadley

    Sad news indeed RIP Eric Broadley Condolences to his family Regards Allan
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    Interesting Can Am/ G7A Info.

    Funnily enough Jerry Titus car when sold years ago was name the Cougar or T-10 as well as being called the King Cobra by association with Shelby. This name was used for the Shelby team 1964 Cooper V8 Monaco type 61? And if it had raced Peter Brocks De Thomaso T70. Regards Allan
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    Eric Broadley

    I did not meet him but saw him at the Lola anniversary at Huntingdon Gave my book the "Ford that beat Ferrari" to lady to give to him for a autograph. It came back with John Surtees autograph the Ferrari works driver. I do not think that he was a Ford fan after the way they treated him. My...
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    The other thing P/1049 has is the unique feature of two blisters on the front clip presumably to clear something? Regards Allan
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    JWA Mirage M1 Body shell

    We have a club member that built a Mirage M1 using the molds from the original car it looked really great Regards Allan
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    GTD40 Tail lights !!!

    The original GT40 rear lights were from a Simica 1100 The Fiat 850 is a good subsitute, Regards Allan
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    MKIV kit options

    Dave I was photographing one of the spare J chassis in the mid 1980's that was made up as a lookalike MKIV 1967 winner.Turned out to be numbered J-12. The painters 6 years old was allowed to sit in it but he needed help in getting out. This was mainly due to the MKIV dash panel which stuck out...
  10. A - Paddock Rules ReBoot - Politics & Religion

    I have a life and I am not being bullied by your viewpoint. Religion is a belief; politics has nothing to do with it. Religions do not cause wars. Its Power that causes wars. Religion is high jacked and used as a end to the means to get power. If the whole world was Atheist or agonostic there...
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    Acquired a P68

    Mike Thats GT40P/1042 I do not think it race with the front Jacks Regards Allan
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    Ken Attwell (KVA GT40 Replicas)

    My condolences to His family RIP Allan Feldman
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    GT40 Mk II

    No Mike Its the right side of the road we go round roundabouts clockwise. Not anti clockwise like you! Regards Allan
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    Can anyone ID this picture?

    Its the GT40 Silverstone Event in the late 1980/90's I should remember I was there getting a ride round Silverstone before the circuit was changed in GT40P/1006 1965 FAV entry at Le Mans Yes the MKIV is Rod Leaches J-12 built from one of the two spare tubs left in the 1980's The other J-11 was...
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    Where it all started

    Mike I have nothing against Eric Broadley or the Lola GT MKVI. But would have they (Ford) been more successful having a Lola GT MKVII? 1) Your comments might be true if the Ford GT40 project was only a race car. But for Ford it was a road car. 7 MKIII and 31 MKI's 2) In 1966 Alan Manns...
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    Where it all started

    I spoke to Eric Broadleys son and he confirmed that his father left the project because the car was going to be used as a Road Race car and not a pure race car. The car had already been designed in the USA before it got to FAV Slough. It was based on Roy Lunn's 1962 Mustang 1 concept car which...
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    1965 GT40 Originals

    Cliff tell that to Sabbro Regards Allan
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    1965 GT40 Originals

    Are you just interested in the 1965 Ford GT Roadsters because that's all the chassis number you have quoted? All were the pre-production numbers GT/108, GT/109 and GT/111 all despatched in March 1965. GT/108 Never raced test car GT/109 Raced at 1965 Le Mans Number 15 Dean Jefferies car GT/111...
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    Acquired a P68

    Mike be careful IXO makes their 1/43rd Ford MKII with MKIV wheels. NSR 1/32nd slotcar 1967 Ford MKIIB are not modified just 1966 MKIIA with 1967 transfers (Decals). Remember there was enough pressure to get NSR to include driving lights on their MKII's It all depends on what you want a model or...
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    Which is the real M3/1101...?

    Steve thank goodness Sabbro did not get involved?!!!