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  1. RexDanni

    15" racing tires - which are the best for the track?

    I would like to use the VN427 rims from Vintage-Wheels in 15x8 and 15x12 for my MK IV project. Maybe I can buy turbine wheels at RCR The car is for track use only. Unfortunately, there is little space in the front of the wheel house. Therefore I am looking for relatively low, not too wide...
  2. RexDanni

    Corvette C5-C6 suspension

    I had planned to construct my own suspension for my project. Unfortunately, my racing engineers friends but so good we never have time, so that I therefore already 5 months with this topic not get ahead. Therefore, I am currently working with my original plan to use the suspension of the...
  3. RexDanni

    Scratch build MK IV

    After 30 years of dreaming, 12 years of reading here in the forum, I can finally start to realize my dream of the MK IV. I know it's going to be a very long race, but hey what the heck if not now then when. For a long time I thought I wouldn't get any parts, but thanks to the forum, it still...
  4. RexDanni

    Which engine for my MK IV project?

    For a long time now I have been thinking about which engine I should use. Unfortunately I have no experience at all about Ford V8's I want to use the engine together with an Audi R8 Graziano gearbox. The car is only used on trackdays, because a registration in DE is probably not possible. My...
  5. RexDanni

    exact dimensions 351/427 crate engine

    Hi, i would like to use a 351/427 crate engine in my MK IV project. In combination with an Audi R8 gearbox (Graziano). In order to design the tube frame in CAD I am looking for the exact dimensions of the engine. Does anyone of you have the exact dimensions or even better an exact CAD model? I...
  6. RexDanni

    MK IV for sale

    MK IV - J10?
  7. RexDanni

    Ford v Ferrari - What really happened

    Ford v Ferrari - What really happened
  8. RexDanni

    the right braking system

    Hello, I'm just thinking about the brake system of my project. I want to use 15" wheels. The car will only moved on the race track. I would like to install a powerful brake system. Could you help me a little with your experience? The issue of brakes can be quite a jungle ....:rolleyes:
  9. RexDanni

    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    Hi, I would like to build a MK IV by myself. My plan is to buy the body parts from Gregg. I have now constructed a frame,i found some drawings in the forum. I changed these so that the frame fits into a MK IV. Since I don't have any body parts yet, everything is still very unprecise. But as a...
  10. RexDanni

    MK IV dimensions

    Hi everybody, I have a few questions about the dimensions of the MK IV. I have found several different specifications on the web. I also loaded a 3D model of TURBOSQUID. (You even have to wait 2 days for Ford's permission to do so...) But that's not consistent with the other information. It also...