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    Ford v Ferrari trailer ...
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    Can I see your SLC in SoCal?

    Hello, I own a SPF GT40 and looking to start a new project. I'm very interested in building an SLC but would like to see one in person first. If you have one finished or almost finished and live near Calabasas, CA, I would love to talk to you about it and check it out before I send Fran...
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    SPF GT40 on Hell's Kitchen

    Hello, If anyone is interested, my SPF GT40 was on Hell’s Kitchen last night. (Season 16, Episode 2 – “The Crepe Grand Prix”). I was driving in all the lapping scenes and then switch out behind the semi with Gordon Ramsey so he can drive it in front of the cooking teams and cameras. It...
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    Wanted: Floor Jack Cross Beam

    Is there anyone on this forum making a custom floor jack cross beam that fits our SPF GT40 lifting points? One that mounts to the jack pad hole. I saw one at Harbor Freight, but it's not wide enough. It also would also need modifications to make it work safety.
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    GT40 at Willowsprings

    Thought you guys would enjoy this short video made by fast Jack Olsen of my GT40 at Willowsprings Raceway... ~ Randy
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    Master Cylinder Stock Sizes?

    Hello, I am having braking issues. I've narrowed it down to changing the bore size on my master cylinders. While I'm at it, I plan to replacing my clutch cylinder too, simply to make it a bit softer. So, before I begin, I have a few questions... 1. What is the bore size of our factory...
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    Spf gt40p2207

    Hey Guys, Like everyone on this site, we like to see photos of other GT40s. So here's two photos of my GT40 at Willowsprings Raceway (CA) a few weeks ago. For over ten years I drove racing Porsches and the biggest surprise for me driving the GT40 on a track for the first time was how...
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    FOR SALE: 48mm IDA Weber Intake System

    FOR SALE: My 48mm IDA Weber intake set-up. It has only 300 miles on it. I purchased a 402R engine from Roush with this system installed (with warranty). I'm selling it because it's a little too radical for me. Everything is like new! Included is the four 48mm IDA Webers, the intake...
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    FS: Weber 48mm IDA Intake System for 351W

    Hello, I'm selling my Weber 48mm IDA intake system for $3,900. It is like-new with less than 400 miles on it. They were on a Roush 402R motor. Roush built and tuned the engine with the Webers installed. The engine was just sold without intake system. I'm installing a bigger engine that this...
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    Gulf Oil logo T-Shirts on Ebay

    I thought you guys may be interested in these vintage Gulf Oil logo t-shirts: Gulf Oil Racing Vintage T-Shirt - Porsche Aston GT40 - eBay (item 270575170036 end time Jun-05-10 10:42:03 PDT)
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    Half Doors for GT40s

    Hello, Would anyone be interested in SPF selling half-doors for our GT40s? You know, just having the bottom half of the driver and passenger doors without the window and top part? It could be sold as a kit with ready to paint doors with all the hardware. In five minutes you could...
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    Who sells screened horns for Weber carbs?

    Hello, Where can I get Weber Carburetor screened velocity stacks for my GT40? I know some online race shops sell the ones with rubber around the stack rim, but I'm looking for something like the attached photo. Does anyone sell them or make them? Thanks,
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    LeMans Light Installed

    Thought you guys may enjoy seeing photos of my LeMans driving light set-up.
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    LeMans Style Lighting Set-up

    Hello, Where can I get the correct large round headlight w/hardware and marker (blinker) like the LeMans cars had? I attached a photo... Thanks, Randy
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    Looking for Weber Rain Tray and Top Plate

    Does anyone know where I can buy a rain tray and top deflection plate for a Weber carburetor set-up? I attached a photo of what I'm looking for. I've seen the rain tray on Cobras at car shows. I've only seen the top deflection plate on original GT40s. Is it something I need to fabricate or...
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    What's the Best GT40 DVD?

    Is there any good or great DVD's on GT40's? Something that shows rare footage of the development of the cars and than later, with the Gulf teams? I have one DVD sponsored by Gulf and Forodo of the LeMans race. It show small bits of the race with the GT40 and Porsche 917. What else is out...
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    Goodyear vs. Avon

    Hello, I know this subject has discussed several times, but I have a specific question. I'm putting 15" wheels on my SPF Gulf GT40. I really like the large lettering on the Goodyear and Avon tires. I think it gives the car an old vintage racer look. Question is... which tire is better...
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    Side Mirrors?

    What are you SPF owners using for side mirrors? I'm looking for something that (actually) works and looks vintage. Thanks, Randy SPF Gulf P/2207
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    Engine Needed for New Superformance GT40 MkI

    Hello All, Well... I'm now the proud owner of a new Superformance Gulf GT40 Mark-I. I also purchased a fresh ZF transmission for it. The next big item I need to buy is a engine... and that's where I need your help. What I'm looking for is a (reasonably priced) crate motor with about...
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    Car Cover Needed

    Hello, Well, I'm the proud owner of P/2207! I get delivery early January. But right now, I'm looking for a fitted indoor car cover to keep my new girl from getting dusty. Any suggestions? Thanks, Randy Thomas P/2207 Superformance Gulf Mark-I