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    Silverstone Classic 2018

    HI All I been able to plan a trip to the UK to include attending the Silverstone Classic this year. Plan is do Practice day on Friday 20th July 20th (without wife), Race day Saturday 21st (with wife). Any tips that would enable us to make the most of our visit?. Cheers Fred W...
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    Design clearance between chassis and road at full bump?

    Anyone care to comment on what would be a suitable design clearance between chassis and road at full suspension bump travel for a car to be used on road and track. For example, if a car had 100 mm of ground clearance, and a suspension travel of 60 mm in bump from ride height, the chassis...
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    Video - GD T70 with MC12C

    Hopefully this has not been posted before? Cheers Fred W B
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    Wire wheels

    Once you get past the end of the 50's, their are only a few cars that wire wheels look good on. Who would have though that a Corvette could be included in that number? Or have I just had a couple beers too many tonight? Cheers Fred W B
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    This does not work for me..

    A matt black GT40? I don't know anything about the car except that it is in Cape Town, just picked up the picture on a South African forum. Cheers Fred W B
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    Repairing Ally tub race cars

    Interesting thread here.. Restoring the triplets of Belleville - The Garage Journal Board Cheers Fred W B
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    Nice car build story

    at this link It never hurts to ask... - The Garage Journal Board Cheers Fred W B
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    Race series for Mclaren look new cars

    Did I miss if this has been mentioned before here? Unlimited Racing Championship - Home Page Should look spectacular. Cheers Fred W B
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    Anything on in or near Hamburg Germany Saturday 24th November?

    Hi to our German friends. It's looking like I will be in Hamburg Germany on business the latter part of week 47. Would their be anything interesting car related on in the area on Saturday 24th November that would be worth delaying my return in order to see? Cheers Fred W B
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    Nice pictures of an original T70 spyder

    Some nice pictures of an original T70 spyder here 1966 Lola T70 MK2 Picture Page It's for sale at USD 399 000 if anyone is tempted. Cheers Fred W B
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    Anything on in Houston Saturday 14th April?

    Hi All I am travelling to the USA on business in week 15 (starts 9th April). Early part of the week I will be in Tampa Florida, later part in Houston Texas. It's looking like the I might have some free time Saturday morning 14th April. Would their be anything interesting car related on in...
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    Yet another supercar

    Guys, we are doing it all wrong, according to this website all you have to do is give these people some money and they will build you the fastest car in the world. World's Fastest Car, 2700 Horsepower, 315mph Dagger GT™ Supercar Official Website, TranStar Racing™ LLC Do these people (and all...
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    The Last Le Mans GT40

    Last week I visited the Franschoek Motor Museum at L'Ormarins wine farm near Cape Town. Included in the very impressive display was this GT40, which according to the card is the last GT40 to compete at Le Mans, in April 1971. So, which Chassis number? Cheers Fred W B
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    Franschoek Motor Museum near Cape Town

    If you are ever near Cape Town the Franschoek Motor Museum at L'Ormarins wine farm is well worth a visit. They have 80 cars on display (a further 300 are stored separately) in 4 large purpose built halls. Very classy with tiled floors and classical music playing in the background. When I...
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    Interesting non 40 cars/event

    The cars/event pictured in the thread at this link 10 Bugatti Veyrons + Pebble Beach: Street Dreams Detail - - Detailing World - may be of interest to some on here. Cheers Fred W B
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    Usefull bodywork products

    Those following my project will know I have been doing a lot of filler work. In spite of this I have still not got my skill/confidence to the level you see on those TV programmes where the guy whacks a load of filler on, deftly smoothes it off, and then once it has gone off, easily sands it back...
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    Motor books offer

    Got sent this: MOTOR BOOKS 13/15 CECIL COURT, LONDON WC2N 4AN Tel. +44 (0)20 7836 5376 Fax +44 (0)20 7240 9845 Skype motorbooks Motor Books - Motoring/Aviation/Maritime/Military/Railway Books DVDs and CDs If you are visiting London in the next two weeks and have a Goodwood Festival of...
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    Identify sports racer car body?

    Anybody got any idea what car this may have been originally, or what car the body shell may have come from?. Maybe a Lola? Chevron? March? As far back as I know the history, it used to have a Ford Kent engine with a VW Beetle gearbox before these were replaced with a BDA and a Hewland. The...
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    How low?!

    How low is this?! YouTube - ‪Vuelo Rasante del IA 63 Pampa‬‏ Cheers Fred W B
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    Cool trailer?

    Although not much use for a 40, due to the door issue, this is still a pretty cool trailer? BaT Exclusive: 1951 Royal Spartanette Converted Hauler « BaT – The best vintage and classic cars for sale online Cheers Fred W B