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    Thanks Don, best of luck with IVA, car looks great. I’ve just put an order in with a Southern GT...

    Thanks Don, best of luck with IVA, car looks great. I’ve just put an order in with a Southern GT and really fancy a MK2 Mark
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    Hi Don are you building a MK1 or MK2? Many thanks, Mark

    Hi Don are you building a MK1 or MK2? Many thanks, Mark
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Mike, my parents have had both their vaccinations, the last being a week ago, very efficient. We are hearing that towards the end of the day if a new batch has been opened rather than discard it, it is being offered to any carers/family bringing their elderly in for a jab. Keep safe
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Hi Paul how do you find the fuel pumps? They look very nice :cool:
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    Took my wife around the track for the first time.

    I wish my wife would get involved more, this was a recce run up Shelsley Walsh in 2019, you’ll understand why she doesn’t ride as passenger vey often Follow the link for the video I do love her to pieces and we still laugh at this...
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    Mk2 nostril hinges

    Kim I’ve sent a PM, thank you, Mark
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    Mk2 nostril hinges

    Morten thank you, that’s really helpful as images on retail sites don’t show that detail. Many thanks!
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    Mk2 nostril hinges

    Morten I wonder if you could tell me the overall length of the nostril hinges please and possibly the length either side of the joint Itself? Many thanks, Mark
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    Hi!! New GT40 owner!

    Jack your assumptions are totally infallible and you should choose your words carefully. The original owner is known within these echelons and will remain nameless. In the meantime crack on with your rebuild/refurbishment, it’s looking good and remember this forum isn’t there to point fingers...
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    Post IVA licensing

    Finally 9 1/2 weeks since initial application a car is born...Hooorah!
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    Post IVA licensing

    Steve I have filled in said NOVA and sent it off ( 1st August) with a covering letter as discussed via telephone with both HMRC and DVLA! It takes approximately 2 weeks for a reply which then starts the process to reapply for a V5. I’ll keep you updated, many thanks.
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    Post IVA licensing

    I know but DVLA seem to have their elbows and backsides all crossed
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    Post IVA licensing

    So my application has been rejected as I require a NOVA. Called DVLA who didn't have a definitive answer if this was correct or not but said "fill one in anyway and attach a covering letter". Seems to be red tape has everyone baffled
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    Brake Pedal Bias

    After pontificating and deliberating the bias bar was set by calculated guess work. The bar was locked with a nut and then drilled so a roll pin could be inserted. It passed and the braking ratio was bob on!
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    Post IVA licensing

    Nick thank you, this makes it very clear :thumbsup:
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    Post IVA licensing

    Having passed IVA I now require to apply for a Log book. Who can tell me what tax bracket my car is in? The engine was manufactured in 1990 25th November 1990. Any guidance appreciated as I cant find any relevant information. Many thanks
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    IVA pass NW MDA!

    Mike it was great to have you as my wing man :pepper: