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    ** SOLD ** RCR SLC for Sale

    It is with regret that I have decided to sell my almost finished SLC. I purchased from RCR in 2016 and had it titled, registered and licensed in Washington state in 2019. It is drivable as is but needs someone better than me to finish it – it needs completion of the interior and final bodywork...
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    Now I'm legal

    Just got through the WA state inspection process; got my plates today. Now I can drive!!
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    Door latch

    Does anyone know what the brand and model number is for the universal door latch provided by RCR for the SL-C. The one on the passenger side (inside the door) has failed and I would like to replace with the same one so that I don't have issues with door and striker alignment. Mine were already...
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    Insurance Question

    For those of you who have your car titled and registered for road use, can you let me know which insurance company you use. I am having some difficulty finding an insurance company to cover the car at all and for those that do they only offer up to $300K liability coverage and my umbrella policy...
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    Mounting front clip

    Anybody else have to remove the front wheels to get the front clip on or off? Am I doing something wrong? I have 19 inch Forgestar F14s.
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    Front License

    Anybody else need to worry about mounting a front license plate? Washington State troopers use most any reason to pull you over. Looking for some ideas for how to mount a front plate! - sigh!! Colin
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    License Plate Lights

    What are you guys using to light up the license plate? LED bolt lights, recessed LED strip lights? Looking for something that worked well. Thanks
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    Helper Springs

    What helper spring (part# pls) should I get for use with the Ramlift kit and shorter QA1 springs provided? Thanks
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    First Drive

    Well it finally happened; got 'er out of the garage for the first time and up and down the street. Quite the thrill. Dropbox - KVID1834 (1).mp4 Dropbox - KVID1835 (1).mp4 The only sad part is that in so doing I somehow fried my Koso gauge; once back in the garage, I noticed that the Koso was...
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    Visibility of Koso Gauge

    I finally got around to test fitting the dash, Koso gauge and steering wheel. With the seat in the most rearward position and flat on the floor and the steering wheel positioned comfortably, I can’t see the Koso gauge through the top half of the steering wheel. Lowering the steering wheel...
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    Rear View Mirror SOLVED

    This looks like it should work really well for us!! The Gentex Full Display Mirror - to be released spring 2017.
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    Colins Build Log

    The 'kit' has been ordered - expected delivery ~ Jun 15th; the tires bought and shipped to RCR. I am researching all the things I can do while I wait for delivery: - Read the manual (again!); read all the build logs (great source of insight into build process); check out Alan's youtube...
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    New Guy on the Street

    Hey everyone; just purchased a superlite SL-C kit from Fran. Grabber blue; street tail; LS3 - Porsche G96-01; most of the options!! I have built a couple of FFR cobras (a MK1 in 1999 and a MK4 in 2014) and a DRB GT-40 (2005). Just sold the FFR MK4 to give me the seed money to get me...
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    DRB #42 - For Sale

    Sad to say but I need to sell my 40 to get the money to build something else; I would love to keep it but don't have the space nor the money. GT40 Australia Deluxe Kit. Completed 2/15/2005 - Registered as 2004 Kit Vehicle in Washington State; driven 5,100 miles<br> Left Hand Drive -...
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    Road Trip Perspective (+ Help Needed)

    I just completed my first long road trip in the GT40 – 1400 miles through the Canadian Rockies to Calgary Alberta and back. I drove the car there for its 3000 mile check plus an engine tune. My engine was built to spec by Western Motor Sports of Calgary and I wanted them to check my...
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    At Home in Good Company

    I was out for a drive in the neighborhood yesterday and tripped over quite the collection of Ferraris parked in the local hotel parking lot. I truly believe that my car looks quite at home with this elite group. I happened to have my camera with me:
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    Coolant Seepage

    So if you guys found two small puddles of coolant - a teaspoon full at the back end of the block just behind the intake in a little recess; and another "splash" under the car below the adpater plate - would you worry? Car ran okay the last time out; nothing appeared out of the ordinary. What...
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    Dyno Experience for DRB#42

    As I work through the tuning of my engine, I decided to try the only Dyno in this corner of the world. These guys were good and worked out a few of the programming and timing kinks. We then did a partial pull to 4800 rpm (I only have 500 miles on the engine and decided not to run it up too high...
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    DRB #42

    Almost done. Just the interior to do. 594 days since kit arrived at my door! Picture#1 Picture#2 Picture#3 Picture#4
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    g50 - 5th gear

    I am looking to change out my fifth gear to give better (meaning lower) cruising rpm. What 5th gear ratios are available and where is a good place to buy? Thanks