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    Door striker drawing

    On my quest of parts gathering I have got Rover door latches on the way but I am looking for a drawing for the dimensions of the original strike plate so I can have a pair EDM cut. Appreciate any info. Thanks David
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    Original wiring diagram

    While the Haynes manual was a great disappointment for technical knowledge but good for the coffee table, Does anyone have a original MK 1 road car wiring diagram? Also there seems to be a huge variation on switches and placement on about every picture I see of a MK1. Anyone have any source...
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    Marchal tail lights Mk 1

    Are there any sources for MK1 TPV 478 tail lights other than ebay?
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    MK1 road car brakes

    Is there any reference material that shows details and part numbers of the solid disc MK1 brakes front and rear. I am also looking for detail on the operation of the parking brake and how it operates on the rear brakes and the route of the cable. Thanks David
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    Front end NACA ducts

    After looking at real GT40 in depth, how do they keep water out of the demister center duct and the two side ducts. I looks like it blew straight into the car??
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    P1062 MK1

    Had the wonderful opportunity to see this car in person yesterday. A very well restored car with a great colour. Here is the Hagerty link
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    Any unfinished ERA's out there?

    As with other hopefuls, looking for that diamond in a field in Arkansas... I digress. I have narrowed some of my sights. I do not want a finished car, where is the fun there? Are there any ERA MK1's out there unfinished? Thanks David
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    New in Houston, Considering a build

    I am in the Houston area. Was on GT40's many years ago. Used to keep the Racing Icons site on my work computer and look at it almost daily. Have loved these cars since I lived in England in the mid to late 70's and would see them around. Somewhere MG's grabbed ahold as that was all I could...