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    Baby seat in a 40?

    Hi, Has anybody had any luck fitting a baby-seat into their 40? Tried to fit one in the RF but the dash board gets in the way of the baby-seat...or is that the baby-seat gets in the way of the dash...anyway, if you have found one that fits, who makes it? Thanks, Jerry
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    RF ignition switch

    Hi, I'm after an ignition switch for my RF. It has the Mazda steering lock and switch, and I'm having trouble finding a replacement.Hunting around the forum I've found mention that its from a Mazda 626. Does anyone know part numbers for the switch, or from what model/year of 626 that they are...
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    Accessing the Roaring Forties section posts?

    Hi, Noticed that the Roaring Forties section has gone from the replicia manufactures corner,and was wondering if the old posts were still accessable? Thanks, Jerry
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    S.V.A. test

    Hi All, Today chassis 99 passed the SVA test .AT LAST!.Had a few problems wiyh the emmissions- failed twice-, but that was simply due to the base map on the ECU not having the lambda sensors configured for a crossover exhaust. Got it sorted and got the cirtificate! Hope to be registered...
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    The 1'st Roaring Forties S.V.A test

    The 1\'st Roaring Forties S.V.A test Hi all, The S.V.A. test has been carried out on chassis no.99. It was done on Thursday 19th January, in Taunton. Unfortunatly it failed on a few minor points, such as the reccess that the screw head sits in on the rear light lense hadnt been radiused to...
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    Newark kit car show

    Hi all, Anyone planning to go to the Newark kitcar show this weekend?
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    rf#99 in the uk

    RF#99 (all going well) arrived in the U.K. today at Tilbury docks. Should recive the 40 as soon as customs have done their bit! Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!!!
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    sva test

    hi, has any body put a roaring forties gt40 kit through the uk s.v.a. test yet?