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    HCF Re-Introduction!

    Sounds great John. I actually have a rather large stash of parts from used transaxles. I purchased these from Northwood GT Ford Parts. And they in turn had purchased them from Fran at Race Car Replicas. As most of these cars were very low mileage cars when destroyed these parts are in excellent...
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    HCF Re-Introduction!

    John, I have certainly been following your products. I enjoy reading your informational posts also. Hopefully you will offer more products for the Ricardo transaxle in the future. I'm anticipating ordering a clutch assembly from you as my project goes along. Thanks for all you and your team do...
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    Lola built on Chris Ardern chassis

    Well done Don !!! Congrats on getting it ready to go kart . Regards Brian
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    Removable rearfront clip custome hinges

    Nice parts John. But we still need a price and location, per the forum rules. Regards Brian
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    Rear nostrials

    Nice parts John. But we still need a price and location, per the forum rules. Regards Brian
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    That's why I love this site. Fellow builders helping one another out with various ideas and solutions. Regards Brian
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Chuck, as several have stated, get some scrap material and practice. You tube is also your friend. just at the end of the day clean the machine and it will give you years and years of service. Now back to your build thread. Sorry for the drift, but I think several important things were brought...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    The only negative I can see to the above post is, Saw dust absorbs the much needed oil that's on the gibs and ways. If the ways are not properly protected from this, the wear will be accelerated. Proper cleaning and preventive maintenance will be required to maintain good tolerances. Regards...
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    Dave Morton

    Very Sorry to hear this sad news. Sending Prayers for his family and friends. I certainly will miss his presence on the forum. Rest in please Dave!! Regards. Brian
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    Alans Scratch build

    Like Mic, I too have been using stainless rod for about the last 45 years. I have experienced no ill effects from using it. Proper prep and heat and penetration and it's worked fine for me. Your results may vary. Regards Brian
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    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    Wow, very nice Wil !! Regards Brian
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    Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie

    Looks like you can watch or download it here. Regards Brian
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Sorry Steve, I don’t have suggestions on the paint. But, what are your plans for the Lola T70 in the background, if you don’t mind me asking? Regards Brian
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    Thanks Mic !!! Regards Brian
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    Roaring Forties Australian GT40 Replica Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    What the hell ???????????? I as others here contributed to the legal fund many years ago against this guy, with no results. Why is he still allowed to trade in Australia and the world after screwing so many people ? Regards Brian
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    Rubber thingy..

    I bought the ones Ian posted from Chris. The quality of them is fantastic and shipping to the states was very quick, but that was before the pandemic. First class parts for sure, and definitely a good guy to deal with. Regards Brian
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    The short version, is it isn't good. They tried to take the US capital, and at one time, a few months ago, tried to kidnap our Governor and storm our States (Michigan) capitol also. Got any room for 1 more over there ???? Maybe 2, I might bring my wife also. Stay tuned, there will be tons of...
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    What electronics does the Inglese unit use? Thanks Regards Brian
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    Wow well done. Next up, the car. Regards Brian
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    New GT40 Build - Australia

    Welcome Daniel. You couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people than the ones on GT40S. Please keep us updated on your progress. Regards Brian