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    Handling or acceleration?

    Joseph, Did you decide not to sell your Beauty? I hope so. You seem to be one of the guys here that REALLY enjoys a gt40. If you do still have to sell your car I sure hope you stick around here and wind up with another one soon. Chris, I like somewhere in the middle. The perfect blend of...
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    USA GTD Build

    Brian, These photos show a very clean and neat build. This car I'm sure will win many awards just on the detail I can see here. Keep up the great work. I luv those sill plates and the floor pan. Hersh
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    Request for Shipping Udate on RF #108 & 109

    Re: Request for Shipping Udate on RF #108 & 109 John, I have stayed aside of your comments through out these months of hardships for RF. You some how feel that you have become the appointed savior of the poor RF customers who are communicating their problems to you.I communicate with all that...
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    RF in New Zealand

    That's outstanding news Robert. I know Norman will do you proud. Go getem' Norman!!! Hersh
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    GT40s Happy New Year

    Ron, You made my New Years plus the last five. I have always wanted to start a GT40 forum but lacking in computer skills kept me from making that happen. That is until I met you. Even though you already had enough on your plate to deal with you still took the time and started a real forum for...
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    Fuel cell vents

    Hi Bob, The RF vent tubes come up from the tanks then terminates into the filler necks just below the filler caps. besides the flip up cap there is a screw in rollover cap under it. Hope this helps. Hersh
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    Roaring Forties - price increase

    Ron, If that's supposed to be funny then I don't get it. The answer is no. But if there is someone out there that just has to have one built in Australia then give me a call an I will be glad to make out an order. We're still $10,000 less than the old prices. Not only that but our kits are...
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    Audi 016 transaxle

    Chris, Very well done. This will help alot of guys out. Hersh
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    PW Tornado Build pics

    Paul, That is outstanding !! Best avatar I've ever seen.. The GT ain't too bad either. Paul, now the fun starts...congratulations! Hersh
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    OK Everyone, What Did You Get For Christmas?

    A G-Tech Pro RR and a bag of sox. Boy I just can't wait to try those sox on! Hersh
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    ERA GT not mentioned much

    I would prefer to call you Jose but because you called me MR. then it's only fair that I do the same out of respect. Mr.Velez, You are correct in accordance to the conversion rate of U.S. dollar to Australian dollar.I said 19 cents you said 1/3 (33cents) So I was 7 cent low and you were 7 cents...
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    ERA GT not mentioned much

    Well here we go again. Jose, you have a vey, very, nice GT. A good choice for YOU. The operative word here is choice. You bought what you felt was exactly what you wanted. Guess what...I did the same. Now once again as I have said before ERA GT's are fantastic.(I saw your at Carlisle) Not what I...
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    Tubular sex....

    Fran, Those are sweet lookin' headers. I like those merge collectors...they're long. That really makes for good looks and it doesn't hurt the performance either. This is getting better everyday. I'm lookin' forward to see what you do next. Hersh
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    Something nice to say.

    Merry Christmas're a good guy. Hersh
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    Chris, Those wheels are a special design for the UK. This was in request because of all the new speed sensors that are being placed on many highways of the UK. The idea is to prevent violations at all costs. I here Australia isn't too far behind... Merry Christmas ! Hersh
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    ERA GT not mentioned much

    Lloyd, Just because something costs less does not imply that it's inferior. These are kits and that means the builders imput has alot to do with the final quality of the product. I do remember when you and I both were doing our research and we even conversed on the old Cobra forum. I went...
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    And last but never least ...some of the hardest working folks there is. The crew at RF South Africa. Happy Holidays to all of you ! Hersh
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    The two UK GT's are loaded and the ship has left the dock. The cars look great. Here are a few photos of the loading process. Hersh