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    Anyone interested in using a 944 transmission?

    I have someone who says they have designed an adapter for this transmission that doesn't require modifications to the input shaft and uses off the shelf flywheel and clutch parts. He is looking for someone to make the parts. If there is any interest I will pursue it.
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    problem reading thread in this section

    I cannot see anything past post #23 on the thread about sequential transaxles in this section. I can read all other threads on the forum, just not this one. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?
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    BMW M70 bellhousing bolt pattern

    Does anyone have a CAD drawing of the bellhousing bolt pattern on a BMW M70 engine?
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    Renault UN1 bellhousing bolt pattern

    Does anyone have the dimensions for the UN1 bellhousing? I need to make an adapter and I don't have access to the transmission. Thanks in advance.
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    Transaxle I.D.

    Anybody know if this is an 016? Hard to tell for sure by the photos but looks very much like one except that the clutch is not hydraulic. eBay Motors: 80-83 AUDI 5000 DIESEL MANUAL TRANSMISSION (item 120360256533 end time May-07-09 07:56:02 PDT)
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    Audi clutch needed

    I am looking for a clutch kit to install with an adaptor for an LS1 to Audi 016. My local parts supplier does not have them. It is a 240m/m clutch disc. Is there a clutch from another model that will fit? I have part numbers for the disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing.
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    Jaguar rear suspension

    I know this is not something that can be used on a GT40 but maybe someone here would be interested. I have for sale a complete rear suspension from an '86 XJS. Freshly rebuilt with new components. Email me at [email protected] for more information.
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    Help needed

    I don't know what would be the correct section to post this in but since in involves a transaxle I will start here. I am doing an adaptor kit for the LS1 to Audi 016 and I am in need of some 11 m/m bolts for the flywheel. I need them to be 11m/m 1.5 X 75 m/m. Nobody here in the USA seems to...
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    cogged belt drive system

    Some time ago, maybe a year or more there was a posting here about a cogged belt drive system for turning a "standard" transmission and differential into a mid-engine setup by installing a cogged belt drive system along side of the transmission. I did a search but didn't find anything. Maybe...
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    Audi 90 transaxle

    Does any one know anything about the Audi 90 transaxle? There is one on ebay that looks interesting. The only information I have found says that some of these cars were available with a turbo engine that made 300+ HP. Were they available in 2 WD? There isn't a photo on ebay that shows the...
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    GT40 sighted

    This morning I saw a GT40 on highway 205 just north of Rockwall TX. I am pretty sure that it was a replica and not a new GT. Do we have any members in that area? If so I would like to hear from them.
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    Audi 016 heavy duty gear sets

    Stuart, Can you give us an update on the progress that is being made on the 016 gear sets from Quaife?
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    Transaxle strength

    I apologize if this has already been covered, but I cannot get the search to work. I am looking for information about the relative strength of the ZF transaxle compared to the Porsche G50 and Audi 016. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Eric A.
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    Audi transaxle parts

    This is for any UK members who might know about this. I have been looking at the Audi repair manual and it seems that some of the parts from the 093 box may interchange with the 016. Mainly I would be interested if the 5th gear set would interchange and if the inner parts that would allow...