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    cobra hardtop

    riveted the hard top together over the weekend need to put the plexiglass in the back and a little more finishing then call it donecould have welded it together but wanted a different look
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    my Lola T70 REP

    this is my attempt at a Lola T70 REP bent the first section of alloy 18 months ago not at all accurate just my impression from photos i have and a few mearsurements chris
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    solid rivets

    can someone give me some advice on how to set some violet anodized solid alloy rivets without damaging the anodized surface please ? chris
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    ian anderson

    about a week ago I asked for some help in finding some connectors for my speedo and tacho well guess what a bloke by the name of ian Anderson contacted me asked for all the details and they are on the way to me now I was all set to buy a new set of gauges this shows how people we don't...
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    smiths gauges

    I am after some help sourcing speedo connection loom for speedo and tacho they are electronic and have the name caerbont on them have tried to email them but no luck speedo is 8 pin connector tach is 6 pin I have a full set of gauges so if anyone can point me in the right direction...
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    my clubman

    I have had it on the road for a couple of years now and after watching jim cowdens alloy r/f 105 build decide to have a go at making some alloy guards I only have basic tools so finish is not perfect wich will match rest of the car now I need some bigger rubber as I made them 25 mm wider chris...
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    ford cleveland intake

    hello everyone i was at a mates house to see his new cleveland intake that he designed and made the molds for it looks amazing so took a couple of pictures hope you like them chris .g
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    v8 supercars in texas

    g"day everyone i am heading over to texas for the supercars in may and was wondering if anyone would like to catch up for a beer and a feed /talk gt40 stuff and to possibly see some of the fantastic cars that you blokes are building over there cheers chris
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    uploading photos

    unable to upload photos error said security token not attatched can anyone help thanks chris
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    chris gt40

    hello everyone i am attempting to add a build log on my gt40 that i have been building for 2.5 years i enjoy the forum which has helped me to figure out how to do things that i did not think i could do. i have had a great deal of help from jim c and other forum members on and of site and all...
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    90/92 db in australia

    hello i am after some help building an exhaust system to meet aussie regs do you guys over seas run cats before mufflers if so some pictures would be great most that i have seen seem to be mufflers only or are very busy with cat then pipe then 180 bend then muffler then 180 bend and then out,as...
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    new bloke

    hello every one have been following builds for a while now and i am amazed how clever you blokes are hope to own a gt40 one day chris.