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    A Few FAV Blueprints

    I'm starting a thread for Original FAV Blueprints. I've gathered a few here and there over the years and the few that I have I'm sharing here in hope the others will share what they have. Ever since I started on this path to insanity it seems besides owning or wanting to own a GT40 the other...
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    Original FAV GT-40 shift knob drawings.

    The thread I thought this would go in is closed for add on so I guess I'll start a new one. Many moon ago I managed to find a few of the original FAV GT-40 drawings and this was among them. I got started on one for myself but haven't gotten to far. Maybe someone will take pity on me and make me...
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    FORD G.T. Steering Wheel Center Cap Font

    Anyone out there know what font was used in the design of the steering wheel center cap? It's not the same one they used on the side of the car.
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    Please Help! ZF/ZFQ Shift Specs

    I need the following. Shift Specs for a ZF or ZFQ transaxle. I.E. pattern, rotation deg and travel of the shifter shaft. I know I have this info but after spending more than a day looking I'm just going to ask the people that know this stuff of the top of there heads. I've even seen the...
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    RHD Shift Linkage

    LHD Shift Linkage I posted this in the "Original GT40s" area but I might have better luck here with other SPF owners. Does anyone out there have pictures of their RHD shift linkage out of the car. How did SPF solve these problem? What does the spherical bearing look like installed in an SPF...
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    Shift linkage

    I could use some help. I'm building a shifter and it would be very helpful if I knew how long the cabin shift rod extends into the sponson past the spherical bearing mounted on the firewall. Length from the firewall to the centerline of the forward U-joint of part 31. Maybe someone out there has...
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    Adjusting SPF wheel bearings Part 2

    I call this part 2 because it's about adjusting the wheel bearing preload which Steve C asked some time ago an after almost 100 posts we ended up not answering. I have to admit I'm as guilty as anyone for the thread drift from Steve's original question of how to adjust the wheel bearing preload...
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    SPF Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I thought I would share replacing the rear wheel bearings on my 40. I replaced one of the front wheel bearings some time ago but I didn't remember it being that hard but I can't say that for the rear. For most people they're going to have someone do it for them but being a glutton for punishment...
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    Are the any GT40's in the Boise Area

    I recently moved from the Coeur d'Alene to the Boise Idaho area and was wondering if there were any GT40 owners here in Boise or the surrounding areas.
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    Today's weather report from Coeur d'Alene Id.

    Cloudy with a slight chance of snow. Slight really? I didn't even expect it to rain let alone snow. I don't think I'll get much sympathy from the folks in the North East. The car spent the morning outside because I'm working on my daily driver (grrrr) and the garage has room for only...
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    Part number needed.

    It looks like I need to replace the outer ball joint for my front lower A arm. So I was hoping one of you might have a generic replacement part number.
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    None DOT Taillights!

    While we were driving around Monterey Jack happened to notice one of my taillights was out. So when I got a chance I thought I would pop in a new bulb. That ended up to be more difficult than expected. To start with the two screws go into nuts on the back side of the taillight that are not...
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    Never Park Next to a Bull

    It's getting harder and harder to get any respect these days. I can tell you one thing I'm never parking next to that damn bull again. LOL! Another beautiful day in downtown Coeur d' Alene, Id.
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    SAAC 38 Pictures and Bob Bondurant

    Just a few pictures I took at SAAC 38. A few weeks ago I was at the end of three months of working on my 66 Shelby at my Mom's in SoCal getting it ready to sell. Because I was unaware that SAAC 38 was going to be just 20 miles from my Mom's I drove my GT40 home to Idaho only to have to return a...
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    24 Hours

    24 hours is a long time to spend behind the wheel even if it's in a GT40 or maybe because it's in a GT40. Well it only took two winters and a summer to get the 40 home to Idaho from SoCal but 24 hours and 1200 miles made it happen. The only tough part was the few hours I spent sleeping in the...
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    GoPro Hero and other POV Camers

    I thought I would start a thread on POV (point of view) cameras like the Hero2 I just bought. I'm sure there is lots of info on this subject in other threads but it would be nice to have a thread just for this subject. I have had my Hero2 for about a month now and have found it to be a...
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    Richard's SPF 2197 Build

    Where to start, I ask myself because the car is built and I've shared some of my build on other thread's. I'm doing it because there is so much I haven't shared (don't think for a moment I didn't hear you screams of NO!! in the background) and I would like to put it in all in one place. Much...
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    Dead Dear

    On my way to Monerey last weekend I had the misfourtion of running over a dead mostly flatened dear. The GT40 doesn't like speed bumps and this was much higher then a speed bump.
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    Wheels ????

    Back around 1969 a friend with a 427 Cobra was looking for Halibrand wheels to replace the Star Burst (I think that what they are called) wheels that came on his car. Now Shelby was a Goodyear dealer and we heard they were having a "fire sale" on wheels. I’m sure Ford paid for all of them and...
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    Start Button

    I somehow broke the wire going to the start button while I had the dash apart and before I ever had a chance to start the car. Anyway what SPF used was a pin type crimp on. I replaced the connectors with spade lugs but I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. The biggest problem was...