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    A conversion

    Met up with the New Zealand Cobra Club at Teretonga race circuit last weekend as they were mid-way through a tour of the South Island. Took one of their party for a spin on the parade laps. She apparently has petrol in her veins and has always wanted a Cobra when she gets older. However, I...
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    The rubber ring you show looks exactly like my original ones. I used graphite to lubricate them so the balls moved freely.
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    Dave Morton

    Somehow missed this announcement. Very sorry to hear. RIP Dave.
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    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    I have one in my GT40. It has worked extremely well, even in very hot weather and stop/start driving. However, things went a bit haywire a few months ago when water got into the system during a torrential rain event. This resulted in the pump and fans running full-on most of the time, which...
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Looking good James.
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    Dave Morton

    Wishing you a speedy recovery David.
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    That looks fabulous.
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    RCR40 Mk1 Body cutouts

    All three cut out on mine. All give useful ventilation - sides to eyeball vents and centre to demister grille.
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    RCR40 Mk1 Body cutouts

    I used a Dremel with cutoff wheel and grinder. Mark out carefully, then cut slightly undersize and finish with sand paper.
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    Gelscoe #12

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    My kind of girl

    Yep. Women who are into cars seem to be a rare breed indeed. My gal was the one who suggested I start down this crazy GT40 road in the first place, so she's a keeper.
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    M20 Dreaming

    That is looking superb.
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    Door striker drawing

    Maybe take a look on Trademe (the NZ equivalent of eBay) or put a request on there.
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    Door striker drawing

    The Rover plates are a little different and require modification.
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    Door striker drawing

    If you can find a Triumph Mayflower, of Phase I or 2 Vanguard, the striker plates are much the same.
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    Oil Pan / Sump Pictures

    I have an Aviaid sump. Happy with it, although had to make a slight modification to fit the starter motor.
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    Gold color for halibrand wheels???

    It is a two pot paint. Seems to be standing up quite well. However, I have bought a knock-off removal tool recently to reduce the risk of my chipping the paint with the lead hammer.
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    Gold color for halibrand wheels???

    As pointed out, the colour on some of the original magnesium wheels is as a result of corrosion protection. However, I wanted to get something close on my aluminium wheels, so, after much searching I chose a Landrover colour (Maya Gold, code GAN) and am happy with the result. Photos show 1046s...