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    F J Classic car show Manchester.

    Including a "new arrival" from Alex.
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    Not a 40

    Fired up my old pc and found a load of pictures and videos from my Teal Cars days. Might be of interest to someone out there. :blank:
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    iOS 9

    Just installed iOS 9 on the iPad and it has installed a useful new album entitled "selfies". Inside said album I found the following photo had been chosen from my hardrive. :drunk:
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    Audi 01e gearboxes on sale for reconditioning.

    Found these so decided to order one . Should be good for setting up. Never dealt with this company before,just something I stumbled across. Fingers crossed! AUDI VW 01E TRANSMISSIONS - AUDI 01E TRANSAXLE USED GEARBOX FOR REBUILDING & REPAIR ONLY
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    Bob's GT Forte scratch build.

    Well the sun is out and I have finally made a start! The pile of metal I picked up yesterday is cutting nicely. Thanks to everyone on this forum for providing the inspiration and no doubt the much needed advice and criticism in the future. Welding tomorrow!
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    New UK member

    Hello everbody. My name is Bob and I live in sunny Manchester UK! I am 0nly 66 so plenty of time to build a GT40?! I previously ran Teal cars designing and building Alloy bodied Bugatti lookalikes. TEAL Cars - inspired by Bugatti - Bob Jones' Teal Album...