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    Darrells trip to Le Mans and Goodwood

    Hi Guys and Ladies My wife and I are going to the 24 hour at Le Mans this year and a few weeks later we will be back for the classic. We did the same in 2016 and had a great time, the only down side was I never had the chance to speak to any of the owners of the GT40s on display at the classic...
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    Visiting Europe 2012 looking for tips

    Hi Guys and Ladies hope somone can help, My Wife and I will be traveling to europe in either July or August next year. We are looking to do a river cruise with a start in Prague then traveling to Budapest cruising to Amsterdam and finnishing in Paris. Our intention is to arrive a few days...
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    Chassis GT/111 for sale ?

    Hi juys, just reading the October Classic & Sports Car and i found a full page advertisement for the ex Taga Florio Roadster. My understanding is that this chassis was destroyed, is this correct or am i mistaken. Sorry for my ignorance if this has already been covered. Darrell DRB LS1 G50
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    DRB #46 now on the road

    It has been a long time but my DRB is on the road now I need to find out what has been happening in the world the last five years. I was going to put up a build site but in the end I couldn't be bothered so I went back to the garage. My intention was to build a modern looking GT40 that is...
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    paint codes

    Hi guys I am building a DRB gt40 in Australia and am thinking of painting it Tungsten with silver stripes as the 2005 Ford GT. Can anyone tell me the paint codes for these colours as this information is a bit thin on the ground here in OZ. Grateful for any help. Darrell DRB#46
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    canada trip

    Hi guys I am going to the Calgary Stampead in July this year, just wondering if there are any GT40 owners arround there I could catch up with. Darrell Peattie DRB chassis no 46 under construction