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    AC Pump Rotation Direction

    Hi, I've aquired a Delphi Diavia SP-10 Compressor pump and need to understand the direction of rotation. I've tried contacting the manufacturer but have had no response yet. Attached are a couple of photos if anyone can help. I think it was destined for a Fiesta 1.8 Diesel. Thanks In Advance...
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    Hi - Another newbie in Essex UK

    Hi everyone, I'm another one who has been on this site for a while but it is only now that I'm able to really start on my dream car. It is a KVA (early chassis) with MK3 bodywork which I purchased as a non-runner a few years ago, but like all things a move of house and lots of decorating meant...
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    Overall dimensions of front and rear track

    Hi, Does anyone have the overall dimensions of the front and rear track of a KVA as I'm about to hire a trailer and need to know the width. Trailer one is 6'1" and trailer two is 7'0", but has raised sides which would be awkward to open the door. Cheers
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    Ford 302 Cooling System

    Hi, Does anyone have a diagram showing the flow of coolant around the engine / radiator etc. I have a 302 engine and the two small outlets on the water pump have been bridged - I assume these were for the heater matrix, and at the back of the heads there seems to be coolant ways which have been...
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    adaptor plate dimensions

    Hi, Does anyone have the dimensions of the bellhousing fixing holes and cranshaft to flywheel holes for a ford 302 engine. Also if anyone has a template for the Audi 016 bellhousing bolt holes as I'm about to make up an adaptor plate. Thanks [email protected]