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    A visit with legends

    My wife had a conference to attend in Chicago so we decided to pack up the kids and make a little detour to Dearborn. If you have never experienced the Henry Ford Museum it is well worth a visit. The artifacts run the gamut from steam engines to the chair president Lincoln was seated in when he...
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    Jay Leno reviews his new GT

    I'm amazed this hasn't been posted yet. Good video and likely the closest I will ever come to a ride along. Has already wound 1000 miles on the clock 2017 Ford GT - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
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    Spotted Atlanta Int Auto Show

    A friend attending the show sent me this. With the color of the dash i am wondering if this is Bill Musarra's DRB
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    Finished my FFR Daytona Coupe

    For anyone interested here are some finished pics. I used a modern FI 4.6 engine for driveability sake. I still need to paint the inner fenders with some bediner to help protect the paint from staring when tires throw a rock. All in all the project took 4 years of working mostly weekends and...
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    Daytona Coupe Has Color

    After 4 years building we applied the base coat this weekend. This is 5 coats of color and 3 of clear. Next weekend will be the stripes and meatballs and 3 more coats of clear. Color is 2013 Ford Deep Impact Blue. Hard to tell in the pics but it has a lot of purple and a lot of pearl in it. Full...
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    2015 Mustang

    Interesting details of the 2015 Mustang leaked including a flat plane crank V-8 option 2015 Ford Mustang Leaked! 360º View and Full Details – News – Car and Driver
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    One for the pilots in the group

    The guy is building a manned 1/3 scale B-17......fascinating Jack Bally's MANNED 1/3 Scale B-17 Nearly Ready To Fly! - blog - AirPigz
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    Words can't describe how cool this is

    Totally insane race car....and you would have to be mad to drive it too - THE H.A.M.B. and the fact that they race it as hard as they do even cooler
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    Preowned BMW ad

    Anybody see this preowned BMW ad yet? Pretty cheeky if you can't read the font it's "you know your not the first" the inference obviously being do you care
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    GT-90 Up for Auction

    Saw this buried in another thread and thought it deserved it's own Collectible Concept: 1995 Ford GT90 concept going up for auction — Autoblog
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    Bugatti from the deep

    Would really like to know more about this find YouTube - Ascona: Bugatti Brescia comes to the surface
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    Engine question

    Fran or anybody for that matter. Has anyone used one of Ford's modular V-8's in an RCR yet? I did a search and didn't see anything. It's entirely possible the package would be too wide however they are relatively short packages since they were origionally designed for FWD configs. Just curious...
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    New Ferrari Kit Car

    Bath Spa University ;)
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    driveway clears

    Hey Fran. Good news after building the ride height jig it looks like a Mark 1 will clear the rockers by about 1.5". We will now be making an offer on the house since we confirmed we can get a 40 down the driveway :)
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    New GT raffle

    Ronald McDonald Charities are raffling a new GT
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    Cross Boss manifold on Ebay
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    Great Ebay add

    I just saw this over on another board and knew you guys would apreciate this
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    Ford GT tops 200
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    If you really want one

    You might want to check out this thread from the FFcobra board. Someone who has #3 slot but not enough cash;f=1;t=022571