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    Question on ride height street vs track

    Can anyone give me an idea of what ride heights people are using on street vs track? I have read a variety of threads and it seems a lot of people are running 4-4.5" front / 4.7-5.25" rear on the street. Manual is 4"/4.5" ideal. Is that ideal for track, and we compromise for the street? 4"...
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    Bob's EV SLC Build Log

    At long last I can start a build log for this project. The idea has been building for just about two years now, serious planing for about a year. I went back and forth as to which platform to do this build on, the SLC or the Ultima. I was able to get very good scans of both chassis, and both...
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    Wreaked and Burned SLC

    Anyone know who's it is? Looks like a really hard front end collision.
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    So disappointed

    So bid on a Copart auction today on Gary's wrecked 20B SLC. Used, website says I'm the high bidder, i win the auction for 15,800. I even get an invoice for the car from them after the auction. Ten minutes after getting the call saying I didn't win the car, and autobidmaster...