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  1. marc.madmax

    Liberals - Calm down

    Just look at what we have now. Isn't that enough. No more slavery, no more racial bias, McDonalds and horsemeat, Kind of islamic President, More taxes for all of us that work and try and get ahead, more welfare for those that sit at home collecting welfare saying they need more, companies that...
  2. marc.madmax

    Obama take over internet

    FCC has been directed by Obama to regulate the internet, bringing to bear new regulations, taxes, slowing of the net, and control of free speech. What next will your nut due next.
  3. marc.madmax

    How come no one is talking about the IRS?

    Are we chicken? Email lost by Lerner and at least 20 IRS employees when their computers "crashed". No backups? Come on. I want answers or they don't get my taxes. And yes it can be done. I am talking with a tax attorney now. Having been in the IT world, the loss of data at the government...
  4. marc.madmax

    Skid Plate for P4

    Considering a skid plate under my RCR P4. I have looked at Jabroc and can't tell a difference between it and some 1/4 marine grade plywood that has been soaked in resin. They want some serious coin for it. What have you used and how was it mounted. Thanks for your input. Finally getting...
  5. marc.madmax

    Chicken? Aliens land in US!

    What the .... You guys scared to talk about ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into America. You Chickensh.. whimps. At least they should bring some cubans with boxes of cigars at least.
  6. marc.madmax

    High Current connectors

    I am looking for higher current connectors for Water pump, fuel pumps, and possible unique cooling suit. I estimate needs for 20 40 amps which misses the sweet spot for most connectors. obviously we need higher current connector. Any ideas?
  7. marc.madmax

    RIP Harold Ramis 69

    From Caddyshack to Stripes to Animal House to Ground Hog Day to Ghostbusters. I will miss him and his talents to make me laugh. Make'em bust a gut in Heaven Harold.
  8. marc.madmax

    Tour of RCR at -10F

    Yes, I went to see Fran after 3 years of delivery of my P4. It just so happened to be the coldest week in history in the area. I drove from Dallas to Detroit via Indianapolis and most of the roads were littered with cars and trucks of yahoo's that don't know how to drive. you could measure...
  9. marc.madmax

    Ceramic carbon brakes

    I just got out of a lambo aventador w/ carbon ceramic brakes. The brakes were unbelievable. Now I know on that car they are 36k and the lowest I seen them for is 7k(unsure if that was four) but I gotta know if I can setup on my kit(P4).
  10. marc.madmax

    Porsche HiTorque Starter

    Brand new unit. will not work with my clutch configuration. New 750 plus shipping. 500 us plus shipping
  11. marc.madmax

    Just another Extremist Rambling

    The big O is down in the 30s approval wise, poll watchers. He also is firing a lot of the top brass in the military. Asking CEOs of Insurance companies why they are canceling, like he doesn't know. And lets legalize 15 to 20 million illegal aliens (a true alien invasion). Hell thats more...
  12. marc.madmax

    GT3 starter/clutch issue

    I have a performance based gt3 transaxle and one of the twin clutch setups for my LS7. Forgot the co I got it through, but the challenge is that the starter I got, one of the planetary drive style units will hit the clutch before it engages. Did forget something. I have seen some clutch units...
  13. marc.madmax

    Motor Mounts P4

    On the P4 the motor mount to the side sponsons is similar I think to the GT 40s. Do you put a backer behind the mounts to sandwich the aluminum or does it depend on the power level of the motor? I am using a LS 7 mostly stock.
  14. marc.madmax


    Thanks! just teasing. you were getting me a the distance on the motor for with the gt3 trans for the p4.
  15. marc.madmax

    Congradulations All of us in the US owe Uncle Sam 2% more this year!

    Oh, you did not see that in the news. Or you just love giving your money to build your GT40 to Obama to give to his cronies. 450 mil went hollywood 185 to EPA Hell Nascar got 79 mil (if they pass that hurricane BS) and you thought wild pigs were just in the south. the big ones are in...
  16. marc.madmax

    ITB MAP air probe question

    Okay serious now. This Jenvey ITB will need to have me put some small (1/8NPT) nipples in to go to a common rail to get an average MAP signal for FI. My question is where on the intake to put it. I want to put them in from underneath but I will have to smooth down the nipple in the intake to...
  17. marc.madmax

    Dry Sump on LS7

    Hey all, My LS7 needs a tank for a dry sump arrangement. How many gallon tank should I consider? I thought 2.5 should be good. Is the location of the tank important to the stock pump? Any cooling considerations for a stock style motor. LS7 in RCR P4, considering putting the tank rear of RR...
  18. marc.madmax

    LS7 Computer

    I am now looking at what ecm to drive my ls7 in my RCR. The motor is currently stock. I am upgrading ancillary parts an minor changes I am going to reverse the intake and have the parts for that. I have a remote water pump system going in, this will bring the motor forward in the chassis as...
  19. marc.madmax

    Transaxle adapter issues

    Guys Alex is asking all the questions! My turn. I'm awaiting the clutch parts coming in and I just remembered that I have an issue with the plate the threaded studs are set in to mount the transaxle. They are loose enough that the studs wobble. Do you recommend threadserts or helicoils or ...
  20. marc.madmax

    Dual tank fueling configuration

    So I finalized the fuel configuration for the RCRP4. This is a dual tank (one in each "sponson", and will be feeding a hungry LS7 with fuel injection. I have -10 AN fittings for the supply side at the bottom back of tanks, -6 AN fittings 5" above the supply for the return lines. I am...