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    Engine management systems

    Hello For those running borla stack injection 0n a 351/427 etc (not a modular motor) What system are you using? I searched and found the fast 2.0 is self tuning which seams like a great feature.trying to keep as simple as possible. Thanks
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    Long Island NY gt40 owners

    Hello, just wondering if there are any local rcr gt40 builds local to me (stonybrook) that I would be able to come see in person. Sounds crazy but never seen one in person but love the car and really want to build one. If I could avoid the road trip to rcr in MI would be great. thanks Joe
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    Early planning options on transaxle

    Hello, early planning of build and curious as to what are the mostly used transaxle for the gt40? my engine would most likely be s 427 stacked. Ive searched and found good things on the 930 4speed as far as strength and durability. I spoke with fran a few weeks back and even he had mentioned it...
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    Drivetrain fitment

    Hello, Trying to figure out a drivetrain for my soon to order rcr gt40 mk1. Just curious if anyone tried to fit a 05/06 fordgt swap into chassis, motor&ricardo trans? Im torn between a mod motor or old school Stacked 427 thanks Joe
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    Kit delivery

    Hello, so I have a crazy question. what Is delivery like for deluxe gt40 kit? Is it just all boxes,bare chassis&body? Does everything arrive together or is stuff usually backorederd? thank You
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    Newbie from LI,NY

    Hello everyone, I just recently finished my factory five cobra build and thinking about building the rcr gt40 mk1. I notice the kits come in 3 stages and I think the deluxe kit in the long run is the better buy. Look forward to all your opinions on stages and other kits as I’m just starting to...