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    Shell Synthetic 30m castor

    I was looking at the technical from 1964 and noticed the component suppliers. Mention is made of "Shell Synthetic 30m castor" as the engine oil. My guess is that was something that was used back then not only in the GT40 but also by BRM and Ferrari racing cars. Does anyone know?
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    Poetry in motion

    Last week, I saw a GT40 on the road, just general suburban traffic. I've seen it at car shows but on the road it's something incredible
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    Nose color

    Might someone know the "RGB code" for the blue on the nose of the 1964 and 65 LeMans cars. Guessing it's "Shelby blue". I am helping a custom decal guy. Thanks
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    1964 LeMans Ford mechanics uniforms

    What was the color of the crew uniforms for the 1964 race? Thanks
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    Difference in GT40 model kits

    I have a very old kit from Revell/Monogram that sat forever and I'd like to finish but needs a couple of body parts that have been damaged. It came in a flat box with a white car #6 on the top. Do other Revell and IMC kits have the same moldings? Occasionally one pops up on Ebay at a good...
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    Mid 60's display

    I just discovered this part of the forum. I'm a long time 1/43rd collector and Ford fan. My project is a display of Fords competing at LeMans, the Monte Carlo rally, etc. Support vehicles and mechanics, prototype billboards and to it. One thing that I would like to find are a preferably...
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    Mark II and Mark IV component suppliers

    A curious question, who supplied the brakes and shock absorbers? This is my firstpostand it's nice being here. Thanks