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  1. marc.madmax

    This Should Be Interesting: Which Smartphone?

    all are a waste of money
  2. marc.madmax

    PC rebuked

    Too bad parents didn't teach their children that drugs are bad for you and guns get you shot, especially if you aim at a cop.
  3. marc.madmax

    An Interesting Study......

    You guys are forgetting the fact that the cop before he stops the car knows more about the person driving in most cases than you think. They have the license and vehicle description, link to see the owner, verify criminal record, etc. they already know if there may be a problem, plus you were...
  4. marc.madmax

    This might be funny if............

    Higher education doesn't work, most of them are elitist. or converted to socialism by the colleges that contribute the masses from smart students to dumb elitists. Did you believe your teachers?
  5. marc.madmax

    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Iran hit 163F last week. They all didn't die. (May have cooked some imams brains a little more). The problem is the CO2 coming from the pushers of carbon / global change. The more they talk, the more hot air is produced.
  6. marc.madmax

    An Interesting Study......

    This is BS. A 2000 study, 15 years ago. Come on get with the times. Typical sway on facts to ramp up liberal dirty laundering. Pshrinks are capable of proving anyone that commits a homicide is unfit for trial on the basis of "you must be nuts to shoot anyone." As for a cop with a gun, here in...
  7. marc.madmax

    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Last time I checked, carbon is heavier than air and carbon dioxide is the food for plants...photosythesis, yall went to school, right? Also this here ball has been around for 5 billion years and you think we are going to f' it up? Guess WHAT! you can't destroy oxygen, to do so is called...
  8. marc.madmax

    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah.Blah. 85 pages of countless, mindless drivel that individually nor nationally nor globally will ever change. Mother Nature, Science of Nature is based on reality of happenstance. Man is like an ant on an elephant touting his...
  9. marc.madmax

    LS Engine won't start

    I am setting up a new LS 7, I haven't decided if this crate motor will use the standard computer or aftermarket. I do know that I will use an ITB intake and that will make for a more difficult setup. The LS 7 has a fly by wire TB, and will not work with a cable operated one. also you must...
  10. marc.madmax

    Security in the UK.

    Y'all need more guns.
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    I miss the Graphs!
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    Since we are on homicides on guns, Keith, how many are in England where guns are prohibited. Australia, you too. Decidedly lower and probably in all cases illegally acquired weapons. But you are smaller countries than the US and with all the laws in place, we who legally own guns are...
  13. marc.madmax


    In USA 330 million guns, 2015 almost 6000 deaths by gun(s), the percent of those way below 1%, Is that a resason to completely disarm Americans that legally own firearms? Our Constitution allows for that right, and due to some crazies each year does not justify invalidating our rights. I am...
  14. marc.madmax

    Hmmmm, Can't Decide which French Car...

    Which one catches on fire and blows up?
  15. marc.madmax

    Hmmmm, Can't Decide which French Car...

    Yep, they're French. Blue, ugly, funky smell, and as reliable as a yugo.
  16. marc.madmax

    Hmmm. Can't decide which German car...

    I think I need to test drive each before rendering an answer.
  17. marc.madmax

    Best Selling Song the Day You Were Born

    I can't stop loving you. Ray Charles
  18. marc.madmax

    Static electricity

    I like green energy!
  19. marc.madmax

    Yeah, these people vote

    I believe you don't like my views on voting. It don't matter since some people vote many more times than others and we don't care about that. but call them out for being taken care of by the state/fed and vote for more and you lite up like a christmas tree. Jeff wishes he was robin hood...
  20. marc.madmax

    Yeah, these people vote

    I didn't say this is a "set up" but there was significant editing of those that made it to the final edition that was on TV. Even WW edits there stuff as if it was not funny (sad) who would watch it. Proving that there are people that are incompetent is just the same as making them vote to...