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    Modern-day Miura

    This is just amazing
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    FS USA Weber 48 IDF setup for sale

    351w or 302? thanks
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    Ford GT40 MK2 model kit

    I been trying to find a mk1 kit. Anyone know who makes? Thanks
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    Modern-day Miura

    saw another post on gram today, this one is cool looking.I never noticed this car till you posted this thread now I always see pics of them lol.
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    X2 with vintagewheels. I had them do my cobra wheels, Bob was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful.
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    Modern-day Miura

    You are correct. I att the full post
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    Modern-day Miura

    saw this on Instagram
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    Modern-day Miura

    This is just amazing
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    Lucas "608 type" mirrors- New with stem

    Forgot to mention that would be for an mk1
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    Lucas "608 type" mirrors- New with stem

    crazy question As I’m new to the gt40 and still in planning. how does it mount? Is there A bracket needed thanks
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    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    few Pics of my garages. fast&clean Toys in our main garage, lake house garage is our wet&dirty toys lol
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    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Hi Andy, i have one more question, how tall are they? thanks joe
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    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Do they come powder coated black already or bare aluminum? also do they clear roller rockers? thank you joe
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    Adventure RV

    This is great,good luck with project.please post up pics as I’ve never seen something like this lol.
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    Can try calling this company. my cousin used them for his chopped 32 coupe.
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    Early planning options on transaxle

    After alot of researching, I’m most likely going with the 996 trans. it can handle the hp & tq without breaking the wallet lol.
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Looks great, nice and clean
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    Engine management systems

    Hello For those running borla stack injection 0n a 351/427 etc (not a modular motor) What system are you using? I searched and found the fast 2.0 is self tuning which seams like a great feature.trying to keep as simple as possible. Thanks
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    Long Island NY gt40 owners

    Really? Mustve been late morn. I go every sun morning and never seen one there surprisingly