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    Uprights/wheels and stuff

    Hey guys, I think its time I started a thread for the uprights and stuff I'm making for my car and other guys that have seen my bits and pieces. I started way back in 09 when I made rear/front uprights for my M20 project. Along with transaxle I have had uprights cast and John has got 2 sets of...
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    What Happened to the URC??

    Can anybody tell me what ever happened to the proposed Can-Am revival that was to be called the URC (Unlimited Racing Championship).It was going to be a support class with the ALMS starting 2012. I have never seen anything on the ALMS website and the URC website looks like it hasn't changed...
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    Trouble veiwing Pictures

    Hi Ron, The last few weeks I have not been able to veiw members pictures or my own. When I click to enlarge from the thumble nail on the thread it does the normal downloading procedure but when it should pop into full size it just dissapears and leaves the entire page dark. Cheers Leonmac
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    Magnesium vs Aluminium Wheels

    Hi guys, I'm after some info on Casting Magnesium vs Aluminium for wheels. If you have read my M20 build log you will see I'm making a lot of my own Die's for Uprights, bellhousings, Trans Cases, and Wheels. I have been told by the foundry I used for my Uprights that They can do Magnesium for my...
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    LSD vs Detroit Lockers

    Hi, I'm in the process of building my own transaxle and have a choice of using a LSD or an Auto Locker (Detroit style). The reasson for the choice is I have both but if I use the LSD I have to custom make Drive flanges and get some CVs and half shafts. If I go the other path (Locker) the CVs and...
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    Crown wheel Rotation

    Hi Guys,........ I have a quiery about crown wheel and Pinion rotation when inverting the likes of ZF transaxles to use in application's where the axle shafts need to be leveled. I see most GT40's using ZFs do run them upside down. If you do this then You need to flip the diff to the other side...
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    M20 Dreaming

    Hi, this the first post of my M20 McLaren scratch built build log. to start I will tell you this is a Budget Build and I will be doing as much of the fabricating and machining as posible myself and what I can't will be done at local machine shops here in New Plymouth. The start point for me is...
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    Hello from Leonmac

    Hello guys, thought its time I formally introduced myself. I have been watching and making a few post on the site for about 6 months and I'm truely in ore of the friendliness and depth of Knowledge the people have that are on hear. My back ground is very varied, be a petrol head since forever...
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    Radiused Holes

    Hi Guys ....Not shore where to post this, so I will try here first. Does anybody out there know how to get those radius edges on holes on alloy sheet. I guess the the big shops have a machine that punch's them out but i'm talking the the home builder. Short of cutting the hole and then beating...
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    LG500/600 Measurement needed

    Hi guys I have posted this request in the Transaxle forum but thought it might be good here as well. I need the bolt hole centre to centre and the bracket width measurement for the top suspension cross member on a LG 500/600 trans axle and the bottom Bolt hole centre to centre. Im making the top...
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    Need a measurment

    Hi Guys. I need the measurments of a Hewland LG 500/600 for the top and bottom suspension bracket mounts. I need the bolt hole centres from left to right side and the width of the bracket front to rear for the top and the bolt hole centres Left to right on the bottom. I have rough calcs at 8.5"...
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    Custom transaxle

    Hi guys ....this is my first theard and thought this would be a good place to get some feed back on my trans axle build. I'm in the early stages of building a trans axle from Nissan Patrol diff and gearbox. the reason for the choice of parts is 2 fold, 1st I had the parts lying around so it was...